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By the way, he didn't use "whom" correctly. One wouldn't normally care either way to bring this up, but, in this case, one didn't bring it up.

[W]hom amongst you have actually acquired a copy of said reference[?]

The correct way to have structured that question would have been to've used "who":

Who amongst you has actually acquired a copy of said reference?

Just fyi.

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Wikipedia is a sound concept in theory, but, it seems, and increasingly more so over time, it was a captured/controlled outlet from the outset.

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It's good to know that there are still people who at least try to converse with facts and to structure their thoughts with logic. We are all far too often duped by our initial reactions to falsehoods which our world-views make us want to believe are true, and we need to temper those reactions with skepticism and research. Without that, we ourselves turn into the "they". Without that, we ourselves propagate lies.

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Wow. One doesn't know which is worse: the vile hatred emanating from "Big J" or all the thumbs-up in agreement with that hatred. One feels certain, though, that this is not how to demonstrate "Love thy neighbor". Yuck.

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"Don't get in line for any vaccinations." From 2010. The same year in which Bill Gates gave his "Innovating to zero!" TED talk. The El-ites ("El" is a Canaanite word for Saturn) always announce their plans.

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