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I have yet to see a gun of any make, shape, caliber, or other designation pick itself up off the ground load a round into the chamber and fire the round. No matter what you want to say about gun control, (which can't ever even hope to happen to have a positive effect on the peaceable citizens), it is always the person who makes the decision to pull the trigger who causes the problem. You say no guns = no problems, hahaha, take a look at jolly old England and get back to me on that one. When you disarm a person in any fashion, you take away any ability that they may have had to be able to defend themselves against a criminal element. Don't believe me? Go down to your local police and ask them to go out and defend the citizens they've swarn to protect without a firearm and see what reaction you get. After you've done that ask to do a civilian ride-a-long with them so long as they're not armed. See how long it takes before you want them to re-arm themselves if not yourself before going back on patrol. Then ask yourself is it because of the guns that are on the street or because of the people behind them? I can bet which one you'll say it is.

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