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Underdog, Chantilly (Lace) VaUnderdog, Chantilly (Lace) Va
Underdog, Chantilly (Lace) Va

Regardless of whether you think it refers to real sheep/wolves, or communistic government, or just plain "today", its about personal responsibility. How much more comfortable it is to let "someone else" take care of all of the worries and cares... 'til we get to the point that we depend upon someone else for just about EVERYthing, including the most important thing, our own defense. Thus, we are portrayed as sheep... peaceful, defenseless, herbivors. If we're lucky, they just shear us and set us out to graze again until our coats (wallets) are thick. But, there ARE wolves who will dine, and if necessary, the shepherd that we trust for our safety isn't above mutton for dinner. Being sheep, we don't fight baa-aa-aack.

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