Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler, (1889-1945) German Nazi Dictator

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“The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, for the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them a more easy prey to a big lie than a small one, for they themselves often tell little lies, but would be ashamed to tell big lies.”

Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler
~ Adolf Hitler

Mein Kampf, p. 197(?) 14th Edition.

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David L Rosenthal


Logan, Memphis, TN

I've often wondered how a single man could get a nation to follow him into such a war as did Hitler. Germany enjoyed many of the freedoms that we American's often brag about; however, how did Hitler cause his people, who bragged about so many freedoms and tolerance to all, to unilaterally support his hatred against so many people? The German people were no less ignorant or stupid than the majority of modern Americans, how did he do it?? He did it the same way our own government has been doing it to us... It may be too late, but hopefully we, as Americans, never become apathetic to the point that we are blind to the dangers of those who lie to us for our own welfare. 5 stars for sheer honesty, and the brilliance of how to control a society so effectively.

Jack, Green, OH

Hitler knew what he was doing and even bragged about it, explaining it in detail. Our government hasn't yet acknowledge they use the "big lie" too, so who is the bigger liar?

Mike, Norwalk

9/11, the Patriot Act, etc. proves the point in today's world. "A lie told often enough becomes the truth" (Lenin) and the bigger the government, the bigger the lie.

Michael, Houston, TX

Like they say..."You can't fool all the people all the time...but you CAN fool enough to run a large country." Hmm...seems like the NY Times is changing its stance on the war in Iraq. But, guess that's another topic huh?

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Ditto Jack & Mike! As for the NYT, the bigger the mess King George makes, the harder its clean-up becomes, and yes, that also entails needing to adapt views on what is right given the present situation... something the NYT it seems can do, while King George seems totally incapable of... pretty clear to all who the bigger fool is.

Joe, Rochester, MI

But...numerous little lies told often become truth. For example, "A well regulated Militia..." does not mean the National Guard. If DOES mean people familiar with arms. Or...ask people what type of government our country has. Many, if not most, answer, "a democracy!" In fact, our country is a Republic, more specifically for the liberal-socialists out there, a Constitutionally LIMITED Federal Republic. I cringe every time I hear a politician, TV personality, or anyone incorporate "...our democracy..." into their conversation. Little lies do more damage over time, even if big lies are easier for the simple-minded to believe.

E Archer, NYC

Right on, Logan. The danger is that every userpation for 'our own good' tightens the noose. We are already beholden to the Fed which is the biggest lie ever -- we don't need them!! We have the right to issue our own currency interest-free. Now the federal government and all the state government's (and most of the people) are in debt to the Fed -- a debt that cannot be repaid EVER. It is the biggest lie ever forced upon the American people. The only way out will be an economic crash. Of course the Chinese and oil sheiks hold the majority of that debt -- what is the penalty if we don't honor that debt, hmm? A greater travesty I cannot imagine -- and the people do not care one iota because we are so used to getting something for nothing. What needs to change is the consciousness of the people to reclaim their independence -- it is not just words, but real actions of people who rid themselves of debt and dependence on government. Most will fight for their dependence, and the independents will be reduced to 'radicals' and 'terrorists'.

Me Again
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Me Again    11/16/06

In my opinion, there is some truth in the first sentence of this quote. As for the 2nd sentence of this quote, I agree for those with primitive minds, this is true. Many people would not be ashamed to tell big lies so I don't agree with that part of the quote. One more thing... "Real Eyes Realize Real Lies"! (KS)

Ken, Allyn, WA

All I can say is, "Blood for oil!, Blood for oil! No WMD, No WMD, Bush lied, People died!", etc., etc. These lies certainly work well on primitively simple minds.

David L. Rosenthal

If internal combustion engines could run on blood, there would be no overpopulation.

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Anonymous    3/17/07


Emily, Chicago

I think Adolf Hitler was an idiot and you are all stupid for praising one of his quotes. His secret police force alone killed 6 million people in 3 years!

Tim DeGuzman, jersey city

Hitler should burn in hell for what he did to all of those people.

Tim DeGuzman AGE:88, Jersey City

Hitler was gay but people did not put that out for the public. I was in the Nazi and i tried to kill Hitler. I never killed a person for him. When i tried to kill him him he kissed me and raped. Was and will always be scared for life.

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    Anonymous    5/19/08


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      Anonymous    5/19/08

      not good

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        Anonymous    5/19/08


        Jake, Chicago

        Its a process of masters, followers, and bystanders. The master/follower relationship cannot exist without swimming in a sea of bystanders, some of whom become converts. The way the process works is the master says I'm fine, you're not. But if you follow me we will both be fine, and THEY are not fine. "I'm better" draws people who are scared and feel inadequate. They will follow even a big lie because it creates the illusion of safety.

        Carlton, MN

        So true! The national elections are just days away and Obama has just blown a wad on 3 1/2 hour infomericials. Just months ago Obama agreed to use public financing. But he found people were willing to give and raise for him supprisingly large amounts of money. Obama, broke his word, creating one of the biggest whoppers since Hitler and most of the public happily joined in. Say what you will! Obama IS NOT A MAN OF HIS WORD!

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          Anonymous    11/5/08

          I think that you have to be very brilliant to pull something off like Hitler did. On the other hand how do you explain his thought process. He persecuted Jews and yet he himself was one. Gay and he killed Gays. He either hated what he stood for or was he possessed with demons.

          Cody, Tallahassee

          I think Adolf Hitler was an idiot and you are all stupid for praising one of his quotes. His secret police force alone killed 6 million people in 3 years! -- Emily, Chicago Evidence of an idiot? Idiots don't have secret police forces. Don't think its possible for americans to be swept into a fanatical frenzy? look at Obama's campaign

          Adam Quinn, JERSEY

          Another beautiful quote from a great man. o/

          Conviron Altatis

          Exactly. it takes a huge guy to tell a huge lie. i totally agree, my adolf!

          Michael, Hamburg

          Adolf Hitler was clearly demon possessed but certainly not an idiot. He was as evil as the devil but so was Stalin. Some posts here saying, Hitler was an idiot and all here stupid clearly show the mind set of the writer. He was not alone, he had his party and once he got control of the parliament, he could use the hierarchy of power to carry out his plans much like today.


          please find Hitler's book, check it out and READ the entire page or two containing the above quote. He makes the case that Jew-ishers are people that are masters of the above stated "Big Lie". Stop being a sheep. get up and learn to think.


          The Fuhrer won "democratic power" in a free "Democratic" vote by OVER 85% of the popular vote ! Some of his policies were homegrown, others were NOT, they were adapted from the good old USA, ( such as the VIRGINIA STATUTES, for eugenics). He was financed in large part by PRESCOTT BUSH, and the Cream of AMERICAN banking society,Support for him was indirectly financed, supported and stoked by Rothschild/FED/ROCKEFELLER interests. Ideas regarding their "lesser bretheren" namely ordinary jews concern them only to the degree that they are of propaganda use. WAKE UP SHEEP !! READ , READ HISTORY, READ about BUSH READ about the FED, read about the PROTOCOLS of ZION read about how your end has been planned, and is being slowly but surely realized.

          yeah, duh
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            yeah, duh    9/15/09

            'How could he do it?' Well, when millions of people are starving, and the world is sunk into economic depression, and price of bread is one wheelbarrow full of cash... you can get people to accept all kinds of shit, can't you?

            oh, really
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              oh, really    9/15/09

              the bankers orchestrated WWI and II and almost every war since Waterloo, btw. WWII = Sephardic Jews killing Ashkenazi Jews.

              David, joplin

              Well hilter and obama both gave good speeches!!!

              Taylah, Nowhere

              Although Hitler was a great speaker, and quite a brilliant mind, it does not take away from the fact the he killed millions of innocent people, people that had done nothing to offend, hurt or in anyway upset Hitler, they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is that really a reason to kill some one?. Just because Hitler did not like them, it does not mean he had any right to kill them. And people who agree with him, or look up to him are idiots.

              RA S, Palm Beach

              The saddest part is that history will repeat itself. Another messiah (not Jesus Christ) is on the horizon for the world to embrace and nothing is going to stop him until the whole world is taken in by his lies. And then the end will come.

              Gabrielle Holllander, Katy, TX

              he is awesome at what he does I bet they were really proud of him

              L. Hanson, Edmonton

              David, Obama's lies are schoolyard scuttlbut compared to Regean/Bushs'

              Mike, Norwalk

              L Hanson, you watch way too much statist theocracy's government media complex, complete with all its big lie proselyting. Of who Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin is, including what Tim said above, what are the differences between the he, the above quote, and its author?

              cal, lewisville, tx

              We are not praising Hitler with our stars. We are understanding how simular it was then as today. He had Gobbels to spread his lies while Obama has the New York Slimes and the Washington Compost to do his.

              thomtown, PNW

              Wow,...Not one comment on our most recent "Big Lie: The "take-down" of Osama via O-bomb-aa or its root, the BigR Lie of nineleven! Our very own Reichstag. Our very own kinder & gentler Phash-izm Just say "No" Hitler continues to fascinate as the biggest question remains...How could it be "allowed" to happen?! Wake up patriots & smell the FauxSnuz

              Mike, Vancouver

              I wonder if the Bush Government has read Hitler's Mein Kampf autobiography? Obama just got caught in the aftermath of the Bush debacle and is now starting to learn the standard government lies to protect the banks and corporations who really control the country. The real war mongers are the corporations that manufacture weapons and corporations who profit from war and the banks who finance these wars, even if they have to stage a war against an invisible enemy the "terrorist", or lie to the public and invade a country to wipe-out so called terrorists. It will always be the citizen who will ultimately pay the price in taxes and/or their health/lives. All the talk about "peace" doesn't give governments, corporations or banks the "profit and control" they're looking for... that's the bottom line.

              wizarddrummer, hometown, USA

              Empirical people can immediately shift their point of view based on new information. We are not subjected to National boundaries of loyalty or swayed by mindless propaganda. We see things for what they are. There ARE rouge elements (meaning: some parts) of all governments ARE controlled by more powerful people than they are. WTC 9/11 is just one example of thousands of incidents over the last 3,000 years. People need to be diligent and purposeful in looking for the truth.


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