Albert J. BeveridgeAlbert J. Beveridge, (1862-1927) American historian, US Senator (R-IN)

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“If liberty is worth keeping and free representative government worth saving, we must stand for all American fundamentals—not some, but all. All are woven into the great fabric of our national well-being. We cannot hold fast to some only, and abandon others that, for the moment, we find inconvenient. If one American fundamental is prostrated, others in the end will surely fall.”

Albert J. BeveridgeAlbert J. Beveridge
~ Albert J. Beveridge

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J Carlton, Calgary

Our greatest weakness today is believing in any way that more government is good for us. It isn't. It's a growing parasite and it is soon to kill its host...but that seems to be the plan, doesn't it?

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler said it the other day, if the foreign despot (the statist theocracy infesting this land) can eliminate individual unalienable right by committing theft with impunity, via the SS, why can not the foreign despot force the purchase of more insurance. If one American fundamental is prostrated, others in the end will surely fall. That is why compelled compliance, license, victimless crimes, theft with impunity, are on the rise while rights such as habeas corpus, free speech, etc. are being lost. The slippery slope is well greased and as J Carlton said so well above, the growing parasite is soon to kill its host.

Elizabeth, Astoria, NY

Yep. Why change what works best?

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RBESRQ    10/25/10

Unfortunately its not being practiced - our greatest weakness today is the people - we are a reflection of those we put into the government, not the other way round. We are responsible for putting parasites into our life, into our freedom into our liberty. When will we stop blaming everyone else and just look into the mirror. We are responsible for our liberty taken from us, we allowed the patriot act, we allowed the discontinuation of habeas corpus, and we allow the torture of prisoners. O yes, our liberty is being torn from us and it has nothing to do with those in the White House, but all to do with the American people.

J Carlton, Calgary

You almost made a good point there Robert. I have to agree with you right up until you say it has nothing to do with those on the White House. Of course it does...the people are apathetic...the Politicians are straight up evil.

Publius, USA

The principles of liberty and justice are the threads that make up the moral and social fabric of well-being for America. Through the ages opposing parties within the government have tugged at each end of this fabric, tearing a number of it's threads. These government officials are continually degrading our society into a state of tyranny, but they were chosen by We the People from among ourselves. So We the People are equally responsible, for it was us who handed them the scissors. It is our responsibility to protect the principles that this nation was founded on. Each fundamental abandoned is a crack in the foundation that will inevitably spread and lead to more cracks until the entire embodiment of our nation is sinking in the sand instead of resting on the Rock. We must fill these cracks and mend this fabric by adhering to the advice of our forefathers, researching the events of the past and the issues of the present, and selecting for ourselves governors that will lead in the direction of our best interest. A government can only be as good as its citizens. So we the citizens must be good. We must be advocates and defenders of all the American fundamentals. We must protect them from foreign enemies, from our government, and from each other. If we do our duty then one day we can pass this responsibility and its blessings to posterity. But if we neglect it, our children will be born wearing the shackels of tyranny.

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    RBESRQ    10/26/10

    Publius, I love your pen name. You are indeed correct, well done! please post again - I miss this kind of retort. Carlton, you too are correct, but aren't the politician's as Plubius points out, just a reflection of us who gave them the mantles of power? Yes, they are apathetic, but we too are apathetic allowing the politicians, under their corporate masters, to muffle our voices of dissent and corrupt the constitution.

    E Archer, NYC

    Right on. Quick: what ARE the American fundamentals? I bet people's answers would surprise you.

    The key here is personal responsibility -- subjects of a Crown, Pope, or Commander-in-Chief think of themselves differently than those who do not recognize such claims. Some of us still think for ourselves and provide for ourselves -- we know who we are, and we know when someone is trying to lay claim to what is not theirs.

    What is unique about the American? Independence! Those demanding perpetual subsidy by their neighbors are inherently un-American, since Americans without compulsion have been the most charitable in the world. The right to steal via legislation is un-American (among other things).

    We can only return to fundamentals if we know what they are.

    Mike, Norwalk
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    Mike, Norwalk E Archer, NYC 11/23/20

    Archer, exactly! ! ! What are the American fundamentals of a representative republic. One fundamental is who or what do representatives represent. Individual persons can NOT be represented as all are different in their needs, wants, abilities, etc. The thing that is the same that is to be represented by representatives is inalienable rights within the expressions of liberty at "the laws of nature and of nature's God" (Declaration of Independence) A fundamental legal principle at law in a “republican form of government” is nemo dat quod non haben = You can’t give what you don’t have: an individual sovereign can’t restrict the actions of a non-offending other (in person, property or commerce) nor, can he give such authority or ability to his servants. The individual sovereign can only give certain administrative authority concerning inalienable rights to representatives in a body politic.

    RBE, Somewhere in Europe

    Well, there seems to be a cascade of them falling - hopefully, our savior will soon arrive; and, I'm not talking of the religious kind. To my name sake RBE, Publius, and Carlton:: It's not the people that are to blame but the oligarchs and the plutocrats, these are the people pulling the strings behind the curtain. Yes, the people are to blame as well, as they are unwilling to pull back the curtain (the politicians are just told what to do). The corrupt media gives the narrative (censored by its owners and the military) and the people accept without question. We are a nation of selfish, self-centered, nationalists, waving the flag while carrying the cross. If there is WWIII (and HRC is set on it!) America will revert back to the days of the wild west, but with a difference; rednecks will be armed with Uzi's... Soon our retorts will be meaningless as the tipping point has already occurred. So, enjoy what time you have left, love your family, and just be happy with each other......

    E Archer, NYC
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    E Archer, NYC RBE, Somewhere in Europe 11/23/20

    What a difference from your comment 6 years ago!  The Obama years were not very kind were they.  Personally I have found the Trump era to be the best for the American republican form of government in over a century.

    Ronw13, Oregon

    "All are woven into the great fabric". this, is at the heart of the matter, concerning not only our "Tree of Liberty" but of that which declares it to so.
    Never a picture more perfect can be seen, nor a garment woven more warm. than that old tattered flag with its Stars and Bars, those thirteen and three " Psalm 19:1 comes to mind. When Beveridge split with Roosevelt from the GOP, they sided with " a reformed minded faction" within the GOP party. forming the "progressive party" instituting expansion of government. Fundamentals found to be inconvenient were pushed aside. The Regulatory State, the proliferation of regulatory bodies, bureaus, and commissions. Beveridge's sentiments here stated, are in later life. After seeing the effects of neglect and overreach of power ! " America would be better off as a country and Americans happier and more prosperous as a people if half of our government boards, bureaus, and commissions were Abolished, hundreds of thousands of our government officials, agents and employees were discharged, and two-thirds of our government regulations, restrictions, inhibitions were removed."
    Albert J. Beveridge.
    To frame his statement in such a manner would have taken a very clear vision. RBE's retort, the socialist faction within party.
    A bleeding heart is soon to die, least the Light of Liberty sets it Free. Those rednecks, are of the salt of the earth, and most have morals you see. Our tree of liberty grows rapidly, it has found a source of water. It is washed by the "water of the word" that is, "The Word of Truth". In the beginning was the word, and the word was made flesh. It suffered, died, and was revived. That the heavens might be planted in seasons to come. A blinded mind is that of a secular humanist, bound be his own chains of tyranny and misery !

    RBE, Somewhere in Europe

    Tell me that when society goes to hell and handbasket.


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