Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton, (1757-1804) American statesman, Secretary of the Treasury

Alexander Hamilton Quote

“To admit foreigners indiscriminately to the rights of citizens the moment they put foot in our country would be nothing less than to admit the Grecian horse into the citadel of our liberty and sovereignty.”

Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton
~ Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton, The Examination, No. 9 (January 18, 1802).

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Mike, Norwalk

Constitutionally speaking, there is a huge difference between immigration and citizenship. At constitutional law, The individual States have authority over immigration  the federal government has authority over citizenship. In a closed system such as a bounded nation, there is always a premise for existence.

E Archer, NYC

Grecian horse indeed!  To become an American is to renounce the ways of tyranny from which most have escaped.  Socialism doesn't work any where else, we don't have to let it in here.


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