Lord ByronLord Byron, [George Gordon Noel Byron] (1788-1824), The 6th Baron Byron of Rochdale

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“I wish men to be free, as much from mobs as kings,—from you as me.”

Lord ByronLord Byron
~ Lord Byron

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Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Freedom, at its most sublime, is a state of spirit and mind, a state of being, that far transcends temporal entanglements.

Mary, MI
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Mary, MI    8/7/18

Today Lord Acton would add the wish to be free from the Fascist Mob known as ANTIFA!

Mike, Norwalk

Even more than free "from" would be, the free "to" within the bounds of natural law and justice.

Durham, Birmingham

Yet, almost all Americans have bought the lie that our republic is a wonderful democracy, an evil form of government where the best organized and largest mob can force everyone to march in lockstep with it.

E Archer, NYC

That has been my motto since a child.  Will I ever be permitted to live my life without asking permission?  The mob can never be enlightened, they act on base passions only.  Giving in to mob mentality is a roller coaster with no end.

Robert, Somewhere in the USA

Byron lived in an awesome age (The Romantics), along with Shelley, Keats, Coleridge, Blake, and Wordsworth. Three of them, my favorite initiates, died so young. Their works will last until eternity, and the sound of their words will vibrate the cosmos. 


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