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“Our government has found that the most effective way to control a person is not by the ballot or the bullet, but rather by the 'bucket'. Today, in a country that fought a revolution to rid itself of a repressive government and excessive taxes, government takes 40 percent of everything we earn in the form of taxes.”

~ Byron C. Radaker

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Anonymous, United Kingdom

Its ironic that that the revolution fought to rid the United States of English repression has imploded on itself to create one of the most repressive governments in the world while the English (United Kingdom) government, whilst repressive enough financially, has had to succumb to a people who will not tolerate capital punishment, armed police, armed citizens, the repression of mixed cultures or the dominantion of corporate entities

Elaine, Atlanta

I think it is more than 40% now. That is why we can no longer agree with the administration that we have now. We always felt that no matter what we were to respect the person in the Oval Office. During this administration we have discovered for the first time that to respect someone that is trying to destroy the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and leaves out the words "Our Creator" out of the Declaration of Independence does not deserve our respect or trust because he has lied to us so many times and has spent money on non-essentials that have us in a hole so deep we may never see the light of day again. We can no longer see the United States of America, only maybe a remnant of the Flag flying is there evidence that maybe our beautiful country can be saved.

J Carlton, Calgary

Keeping people needy is the key to political power. We need to let the Feds know that we do not need their help as it is the source of every problem we have. Their job is the protection of our inalienable rights and securing the borders. They can`t even do that right. Let`s not end up like the UK socialist, disarmed and under hamsters in a cage.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

It is the filthy rich who are keeping the people needy... hungry, poor, unhealthy. And the filthy rich are supported by folks who spread their outright lies about topics such as tax rates. Today's tax rates are lower than they have been in decades, and the tax code is full of loopholes that mean that anyone with a tax lawyer (which the rich have plenty of) pay far less than even our marginal rates (which at their highest are still 10% lower than 40%). The effective tax rates are even farther below the quoted 40%. These lies about how high taxes are don't fool everyone... just the fools who put them forward!

jim k, Austin,Tx

Reston , are you insane or just stupid, or both. It's the rich that pay 90% of income taxes.

J Carlton, Calgary

jim k, this is the best description I've ever seen for folks like Reston ~ "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." - Winston Churchill

Carol, Georgia

"The economy boomed during the 1920s and increasing revenues from the income tax followed. This allowed Congress to cut taxes five times, ultimately returning the bottom tax rate to 1 percent and the top rate down to 25 percent and reducing the Federal tax burden as a share of GDP to 13 percent. As tax rates and tax collections declined, the economy was strengthened further." The above quote is from the "United States Department of the Treasury History of the U. S. Tax System." Until then taxes were implemented to suit the needs of the times and were primarily excise and tariffs with other taxes periodically imposed and rescinded. The 16th Amendment ratified by 36 states during the administration of the Progressive president Woodrow Wilson gave Congress the "POWER to lay and collect taxes on incomes from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration." The quote at the top of this comment from the U.S.Treasury Department clearly illustrates that when the free market is allowed to function as intended, revenues increase. Congress was able to cut taxes 5, yes FIVE TIMES during that period of prosperity. The stock market crash of 1929 ended that period and from that point on taxes have become more and more oppressive.

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RBESRQ    11/12/10

Jim and Carlton, are you insane the rich only pay on average 5 percent while the rest of us poor suckers pay 30 percent. Its far more than 40 percent more like 70 percent. The military alone is 50 percent or more - just cut that by 50 percent and it would pay for Medicare ten times over. Where do you get your info? I suppose Beck, Limbaugh and Palin etc. The one tax they should do away with is Property tax and increase the tax on the rich to 50 percent across the board - better still make it a flat tax for the rich of 50 percent NO DEDUCTIONS - start sharing you wealth, the wealth you made on the back of workers.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk RBESRQ 12/3/20

Robert, the 2nd plank of the communist manifesto is an enslaving theft, it doesn't matter if it is measured flat or progressive. In a great tradition of one of the "Progressive" gods' (a lie told often enough becomes the truth" (Lenin)), liberty and law are still erroneously touted as elements of the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land. Absolute ownership (a perfected allodium) is not held sacrosanct or even recognized in this land — only mere titles of privilege (titles) are allowed. It is the statist theocracy that acts as though it owns all property, people and commerce.Try not paying the mandatory tithes and offerings for the privilege of living on the statist theocracy's land. Don't render the carnal god's slave tribute while pretending your body or labors are your own just to see how your fortune goes. Robert, by what measure does wealth become filthy? AND!!! by your, "wealth made on the backs of workers" when do We The People start calling this foreign government "FILTHY"?

E Archer, NYC

'Progressive' taxation is a communist plank based on the ideology of ignorance. Those professing 'taxing the rich' forget that 'rich' is merely another word for 'powerful' and the only way to make a powerful entity do something is to have MORE power. Those professing the ideals of communism are simply wanting more power than the powerful -- and would do just about anything to simply take from others rather than produce oneself. The quest for control of 'the rich' is simply the quest for unearned power -- to enslave the powers for one's own use -- to thus become all-powerful. And the gullible end up colluding with the powerful to take down their competition in the name of 'social justice' and equality when in fact all they have done is make war upon everyone and plunder their assets. Think about it -- why do you hate the 'rich'? Because with all their power they oppress those with less power and try to yoke them so as to make themselves even richer -- well, socialism merely aims to create a super-power to rule everyone which will in turn create the richest and most pwerful entity in the world -- can we trust anyone with so much power? Were the Russian people any better off once the Czar and the aristocracy were conquered? No, in fact much worse, much, much worse. Is that really what you want, Reston? Cut the baby in half rather than let the mother raise her own child? It takes a twisted and hateful mind to profess communistic ideals -- they hate anyone that has more than them or defends the basic ideal that we are each responsible for taking care of ourselves and that if we need help from others then it should come voluntarily not by threat of imprisonment and loss of one's property/power. 5 stars for accuracy.

E Archer, NYC

And may I remind Reston that America is not a monarchy like Russia under the czar -- if you are trying to take down 'the czar' in America you are fooling yourself -- you are just advocating for more power for central government -- the direction of which can change at a moment's notice. The purpose of a republican form of government is the distribution of power among the people -- the point of a fascist/socialist/communist form of government is the centralization of power, the plundering of the masses (not just the rich), and the distribution of power among the ruling class -- the people be damned! Same as it ever was.

E Archer, NYC

(Sorry for the 3rd post, I can't help myself...) Whether the 'rich' pay 5% or 2%, the total raised from the 'rich' is 90% of the total compared to that received by the 'poor.' Let me say this, that whenever the left cries for taxing the rich, the middle class gets nailed. 'Rich' is now defined as married couples making more than $200K a year total -- my friend, that ain't 'rich.' I am willing to bet that everyone's tax rate next year will be higher -- are you rich? And the socialists are only getting started.

J Carlton, Calgary

"Jim and Carlton, are you insane"; RBESRQ, I gave you no reason to address me at all let alone call me names. Stick it! You worthless Socialist.

cal, lewisville, tx

Anonymous does not seem to realize that rich folks like Reed and Pelosi will openly raise taxes on the rich, but they keep those silent loop-holes for themselves.

gene, anchorage

Higher taxes on anyone destroys the economy!!!! Many of the so called Rich give massive amounts to charities. This administration is socialist, crooked and Evil. They dont give a damn about the people they only want more power for them selves IE Dictatorship. There tax schemes give them more loopholes to avoid the taxes they raise on the people. The people have become sheep, the illegals will not and can not fight for higher wages so the citizens get lower pay and also refuse to fight for higher wages. The employers take advantage of this but at the same time there are so many rules and regulations on our businesses that it costs them a fortune just to open there doors. Our government either steals or missuses 50% of our tax money. With the turning of our backs to God we are sliding down the slope to destruction. Only by returning to God and going to the voting booth and voting out the corrupt Evil Polititions can we save our country.

Publius, USA

Anonymous. The wealthy own businesses, employ workers, and produce goods. In order to make a profit, they pass on all expenses of production (material, labor, and yes TAXES) on to the consumer. Wealthy producers view a tax increase as merely an increase in business expenses. If expenses rise for the producer, the price of the final product will rise for the consumer. Eventually, the product will become unaffordable and the wealthy producer will be forced to cut expenses in other areas, such as labor; which will raise unemployment. No matter how high the taxes are to the rich producer, it is the average American consumer that will pay them.

Carol, Georgia

Gene, Thank you for saying what needs to be said. The Progressive onslaught over the last century and the George Soros take over, which is finally emerging from the shadows, has had a devastating effect on America. However, The radical secularization of America has been the most destructive of any single issue to our country. Madelaine O'Haire (sp?), Ten Commandments removed from the public arena, repression of Christians in any number of ways, Chaplains dismissed for using the Holy Name of Jesus, disallowing Nativity scenes, challenges by the ACLU to have crosses removed from the graves in Arlington national cemetery, the president literally changing the wording in the Declaration of Independence by omitting "endowed by their Creator," twice!!...removal of any study of the Bible which was at one time part of the school curricula in public education and any number of other instances of bigotry and outright attack against the Christian religions has done the most harm. By denying We the People the free expression of our religions, which is guaranteed by the first Amendment to our Constitution, our religions have been marginalized and the practice thereof eroded, which eventually has caused a subtle separation of persons faith life as intrinsically linked to our public life. And this to our detriment as a People founded on Judeo-Christians principles.

Mike, Norwalk

hmm, for some reason my earlier post didn't show up, maybe my internet? When all taxes are considered (fica, employer matching, State, sales, property, funny money inflation, on and on and on etc., etc., etc. for the smallest of examples) that cited 40% is minuscule. Carol, YEP ! ! !

Mike, Norwalk

Carol, when it is understood by enough in the land of the free and home of the brave that, the statist theocracy infesting this land is not of 'We The People' but rather, a religious movement (allowing a facade of the slaves choosing their masters) that will accept no other belief systems on its way to self destruction (40% + as part of a greater despotism), we can start the return to a representative republic at law, where individual sovereignty and inalienable rights are held supreme.

dick, fort worth

Reston seems to be the only responder with knowledge of the truth. The effectiveness of the fascist media in this country is overwhelming.

Brewster, New Hampshire

I worked for Byron Radaker and Eddy Nicholson when they owned Congoleum. I was a security guard for them when I was in college. Their millions meant I earned thousands -- money I was very grateful for then and now. It got me through college. This quote of Radaker's is right on the money. I am even a government employee (municipal) but agree that excess government spending must be brought under control and taxes reduced for all. If some whiney & lazy putz isn't willing to work for his living, he isn't deserving of someone else's money. Why should I work to support the guy who won't work?! Why should I expect the guy who was a success in business, wrote a best seller, studied hard & became a successful lawyer, or even got lucky in the lottery, to pay for me if I am not willing to invest the effort, or take the risk, or develop the skill myself to make my own millions?!! Socialism is for failures. Buck up RBESRQ & get to work. "There's no substitute for hard work." - Thomas Edison

Mike, Norwalk

The 'A' from Reston and dick, who are these filthy rich I hear so much about that are more repressive than government? Please be specific. AND, while you are naming names, please let us know what they are doing so the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land can legislate them out of existence? While you are at it, can you tell us how the federal executive / legislative / judicial become so filthy rich while in office? ALSO, while in your lala land of low takes and buckets of not enough regulation, can you explain why there are more businesses failing than starting (every year since Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin has been in office - approximately 70,000 just last year / that doesn't include the business that are leaving)? The 2nd plank of the communist manifesto is theft and enslavement. Socialism as a religion is ever expanding in its destruction of prosperous economics, morals and government at law.

Ronw13, Yachats OR

Regulation never stopping, inflationary tactics which the ignorant socialistic children Do Not Understand. The ability of the banking industry to manipulate the " state god " to grant rights and favor to whomever they choose. sucking away all inheritance from unaware individuals. Unaware not only of their Sovereignty but also of their True Inalienable rights ordained by God, with which we are endowed. That is the Inheritance which can never be taken away from the True Patriot of Liberty and Freedom, for it resides in the Heart of the believing person. And also that which kindles the fires of Justifiable Revolution before the Ever Watching Eyes of an Everlasting Creator. Their are Seven Eyes. Perfect just like seven notes in the musical scale.


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