Charles De GaulleCharles De Gaulle, (1890-1970) French president and military leader

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“I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.”

Charles De GaulleCharles De Gaulle
~ Charles De Gaulle

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Logan, Memphis, TN

The question has been raised: Why don't we just hang one public official at random in office per year? Just make it part of the job description. This way we attract the right kind of people into office (those who would live and die for their country), and we'd shorten the likelihood of bad politicians who jerk the public around. They could all draw in a raffle. Perhaps we could garner the type of men and women who would rather die for their country than the current politicians who feel more patriotic in sending some else over to fight their battles for them. Next time a politician wants to send us into a war, why don't they offer their own children to be in the first wave of ground infantry? Perhaps this could be yet another stipulation -- that way we could be better served by only entering "justifiable" wars.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Good Logan but why not just have a draft so all young persons have an equal opportunity to die for us. And why not just have a direct democracy where we vote on issues via the internet. No more politicians needed.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Waffler, Smith, Arkansas 1/5/21

Waffler, what a sick and perverse slavery you suggest. A bread and circus where individual nobility and the sanctity of life are reduced to nothing more than depraved carnal appetites. Your wanton replacement of natural law and order for perverse debauchery where might makes right exists at an almost unfathomable level of biblical proportion. It has personally been witnessed by me that policing deviance over the last couple of years has increased while ALL courts (local to supreme) have exponentially become more and more demonically corrupt. Politicians are only the tip of the enslaved ignorant iceberg and you continue to advocate for a theocratic increase in degenerated lechery. I bow my crying eyes while shaking my head in sheer mournfulness.

Mike, Norwalk

In a Representative Republic, where the individual is the ultimate sovereign, as was once conceptualized through a Constitution in the U.S., politicians were to only conduct their business as would best define the inalienable rights of the individual sovereign. Now that the politicians only represent the omnipotent state, where compelled compliance, license, victimless crimes, governmental larceny (funny money, income tax, etc.) theological doctrines are common place, De Gaulle's statement rings five star true.

E Archer, NYC

Stop electing lawyers!

Ken, Milford Pa

This is why we all need to be involved. When we don't vote, or watch them closely, they know it and they run amuck. Let them know that you have your finger on their pulse, and that you will not standby and let them bulldoze you over, and they will be more careful about their conduct. Yes, I agree with Archer, stop electing Lawyers.


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