General Douglas MacArthurGeneral Douglas MacArthur, (1880-1964) WWII Supreme Allied Commander of the Southwest Pacific, Supreme United Nations Commander

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“Wars are caused by undefended wealth.”

General Douglas MacArthurGeneral Douglas MacArthur
~ General Douglas MacArthur

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E Archer, NYC

Like oil, gold, land, etc...

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    EGL, LA    1/3/07

    Well, that is certainly something to think about.

    Joe, Rochester, MI

    ...and greedy American politicians will be at the front of the line to grab their share of wealth and power, but never on the front lines of the actual war. Cowards! Bastards!

    Mike, Norwalk


    Mike, Mount Holly, NC

    You're on a roll today Joe ;-)


    war starts in the hearts of men

    tony s, columbia,sc

    from a military expansionist' perspective, "definitely".

    Byron, Fort Collins

    Excellent article on the background behind Greece's economic disaster. Google: NAPOLEON LINARDATOS The Greek Way of Sorrow How a charismatic politician with the slogan Change launched Greece on the path to ruin

    Janaris Fluteszer, Oslo, ID

    "Dug-out" Doug gets it wrong again!

    garret seinen, Vancouver Island, Canada

    Brief, succinct and so very true.

    Kimo, Hawaiian Nations

    Wars of all types, between one man to another, or between one country and another. Its always the who has, and the who donts. been that way for ,well, many many generations. And if someone thinks they can change it, think again. The weak are prey, the strong take. A document stopped it or slowed it down some, a document written by good men, the constitution, a moral and sane rule of law between ,men.The last of the generations that saw Mc arther return to liberate the PI, are all but gone now, and the young remember not.Those that remember all out war, know the wages of war.

    cal, lewisville, tx

    In that case we may soon run out of wars for what will we have left to defend in the way of wealth.

    GunnyCee, Durham

    I've been around for 70 years and I've seen never known a period of peace from wars that lasted more than an average of ten years. History repeats itself and those who refuse to study history always think that the present war is the worst. I have always believed in the better nature of America and we have always used war as a way of change for the good. I mean, look at Japan, Germany,Korea, and China. We have been at war with all of these countries and none of these countries belong to America (so much for imperialism). and all of them are far better off economically now than before the wars. Gee, I wonder what liberals think of that information? Not to worry, they have been brainwashed and it doesn't matter what the facts are anyway. McCarther was right about evil empires going to war against undefended wealth, but why do liberals attribute those same goals to America when we go to war to defend our liberties?

    Fudloe, Scranton

    MacArthur didn't say that. Hemingway did.

    Mike, Norwalk

    It may be said that Tyrant Trudeau, Beijing Biden (the lying horse faced pony soldier), Predatory Putin - along with - Hitler, Lenin and Mao all committed war on their own people (and others where appropriate) with a definitely related under-pinning of "undefended wealth" BUT, a deeper look would expose a personal debilitating need to express their sick illusions of grandeur (power, control, legacy, religious dominance, blood lust, etc.) — "undefended wealth" is only a cherry on top.

    Ronw13, ID
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    Ronw13, ID    3/1/22

    Wealth comes in many forms. "undefended wealth" such as Liberty and Freedom from oppression, are soon lost if not defended. Passive aggression against ones own homeland, the current administration under Biden's watch. Obviously a socialist globalist pawn of the worst sort.


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