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“The majority of us are for free speech when it deals with subjects concerning which we have no intense feelings.”

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Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

Would someone please teach this in school already!

D.M., Bozeman, MT


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Odette    2/23/05

Simple and directly obvious!

E Archer, NYC

Religion and politics -- both are completely based on indoctrination and are to be taken at their word -- to question is heresy and treason. It is obvious that children can be made to believe in Santa Claus, but even more obvious still, some people can continue to believe in all matter of superstitions and 'gods' even into old age. Religionists and atheists, conservatives and liberals -- none can face truth because they have too much invested in their beliefs.

Ronw13, Oregon

The Endowment of Individual Sovereignty is not for private interpretation. When coming through the gate, all who inter, Check your Bias at the door.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Identification with ideology is inimical to the veneration of Truth.

Truth far transcends ideology.

In the absence of Virtue and the attendant veneration of Truth, for speech to be truly free is an impossibility.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

I want the truth


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