Edward BeecherEdward Beecher, (1803-1895)

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“We are more especially called upon to maintain the principles of free discussion in case of unpopular sentiments or persons, as in no other case will any effort to maintain them be needed.”

Edward BeecherEdward Beecher
~ Edward Beecher

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Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Where Virtue resides, freedom of expression cannot but abide.

E Archer, NYC

Thus concepts such as 'hate speech' are anathema to liberty.

Mike, Norwalk

A case in point, using the current peace, prosperity and prosecute the perverse (a great improvement and very needed) president as example; â€” the topic of pure or perfected "liberty", along with free speech are unpopular (informed speech as to the way things are in fact at natural law as a universal principle are not allowed in the narrative; no one is listening to the chronicle of why a bended knee, only screaming of self promoting agendas – etc., etc., etc. an ear shattering silence). Those who love liberty (though enjoying a seemingly greater level of peace and prosperity) are more especially called upon now to maintain the principles of free discussion and the associated right(s) of free speech in general so that concepts, sentiments and knowledge of liberty may be maintained.

Ronw13, Yachats OR

Allowing for your adversary to come near and speak, affording education to the contrary, Enlightening to the Patriot of Liberty. 

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

I've searched for a sincere discussion for sixty four years. And someday I'll find one, I know it.


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