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“During the last dozen years the tales of suppression of free assemblage, free press, and free speech, by local authorities or the State operating under martial law have been so numerous as to have become an old story. They are attacked at the instigation of an economically and socially powerful class, itself enjoying to the full the advantages of free communications, but bent on denying them to the class it holds within its power...”

~ Edward Alsworth Ross

Speech, American Sociological Society, 1914

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Joe, Rochester, MI

We must stop the elitists from taking more from us, and work on restoring the rights they've already stolen.

E Archer, NYC

The 'Free Speech Zones' come to mind in the last round of presidential elections -- looked like pre-emptive holding cells for protesters. It amazes me how much the American people are embracing fascism. I can see now that the German people are much more to blame for their atrocities than Hitler -- they welcomed him like we welcome our rulers. Man, have we been dumbed down.

Mike, Norwalk

One has to either smile or cry at how the entirety of the subject matter here has so exponentially expanded.

E Archer, NYC

The Democratic governors who have placed their states in an indefinite State of Emergency in order to issue unconstitutional edicts are prime examples.  The lust for power can be found in all these politicos.  They are drunk with power.  Marie Antoinette is alive an well in the USA.  When are people going to wake up?  This is a blatant attack on the Liberty of the People!! 

Where in the Constitution it is stated that the Constitution is null and void under a state of emergency?  That would mean that all a governor has to do is declare an emergency and they have unlimited power. 

Whoever wrote these rules to allow governors to rule without limitation knew exactly what they were doing.  Americans should never forget that there are other Americans that wish to rule them  I know it is hard to believe, but it is true.  Every time they try to take away your power to defend yourself with arms, information, speech, fellowship, they are preparing for a day when all will be under their control.  Think Xi and Putin  this is leftism without the right.


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