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“We also need to encourage Americans to become more fiscally responsible themselves. We can do this by redesigning our tax system into an expenditure tax with a single flat rate. ... We have to substantially reduce the size and scope of the federal government, fundamentally increase the role of the states in choosing their own practices, and bring decision-making closer to the people, not to unelected administrators. These steps are crucial to getting our nation on a path of fiscal, political and constitutional responsibility.”

Edwin FeulnerEdwin Feulner
~ Edwin Feulner

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Mike, Norwalk

A flat tax is still an enslavement that is anti-law, anti-justice, and anti-inalienable rights. The federal government is to have no direct access to the individual sovereign for taxing purposes. That is how the de jure States United became the most powerful, prosperous, charitable, industrious, and free country in the world. There is ABSOLUTELY NO ! ! ! need for a graduated or flat tax of any kind to finance the de jure States United !

E Archer, NYC

The only taxes authorized by the Constitution are excise taxes -- that is, taxes upon selected imported goods. Obviously that isn't going to cover what our government is expected to provide in the 21st century. If there is any other tax that perhaps could be lawfully laid it would be a State sales tax -- as described here as an 'expenditure tax' at a fixed rate. I think we would be lucky to have such a tax in lieu of labor taxes called 'income' taxes. Of course, if we are going to use paper money, then why not just print up whatever we need and all are taxed in direct proportion to the amount of cash they have on hand -- it is called inflation and requires no forms to file or taxes to be paid. We are stuck now, aren't we? Mike may be right, but we aren't being led in the direction of liberty, we are being led rapidly to totalitarianism. The first line of the quote is the solution: "We also need to encourage Americans to become more fiscally responsible themselves."

Cal, lewisville, tx

The Progressives just had to have that 16th ammendent. It was promised to be a flat rate of 2% but they didn't put that in writing.

Mike, Norwalk

Archer, I was just reading that if a .50 cent transaction fee was placed on all security transactions (stocks, bonds, debentures, etc., etc.) it would raise over 500 trillion in revenue. I am going to look into it further but, if that is even close to the truth, a return to general 1787 tax rates would be in order.

Byron, Fort Collins

Conspicuous consumption, promoted by Hollywood and Madison Avenue, has lured America into a state of 'drunken' fiscal irresponsibility. Too many of us have allowed ourselves to lose a sense of personal responsibility. We have over-ripened to a state not only ready, but eager for totalitarian shepherding.

Ronw13, OR
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Ronw13, OR    4/9/19

Well said, Mike, Norwalk and E Archer, NYC 


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