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“If voting changed anything, they would make it illegal.”

~ Emma Goldman

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Mike, Norwalk

The last election stands in great support for the quote. The 'change' was an acceleration of all things unconstitutional towards the ends of freedom, liberty, law, rights and prosperity elimination.

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Anon    11/20/09

Anything that truly works for the good of all individuals to protect and save their status as free persons is gradually becoming illegal as the value and respect for life in general continues to disappear in society with the actions of their respective governments under the influence of a privately run world administration shape the world to their vision of utopia,...for themselves.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

Not surprising that a communist wants to down play the importance of voting... nor surprising that there is no mention that it is just as important that the votes are actually counted, for failure to do so leads to such travesties as 8 years of King George W, who did more to destabilize the world than anyone in many decades... thankfully many did vote in 2008, and those votes were counted, returning us to a sane path.

Waffler, Smith

In our free, happy and relatively prosperous country voting is tinkering around the edges with the system. Those that want wild swings between extereme points of view are living in some kine of fantasy world. Voting changes a lot of stuff. If it does not then why complain about whether this guy or this group or the other guy or the other group gets elected.

warren, olathe

We can no longer know if who gets elected truly got the most votes. We have illegal immigrants voting. We have organizations such as acorn stuffing the ballot box. We have recounts that find boxes of votes "forgotten" in a trunk of a car that are all for one candidate and the leftist judge sees no problem with counting them. We have recounts that never stop until the "correct" candidate finally is ahead. Florida was a perfect example of this. Do recounts of only the counties that are likely to help the Dem. Try to block military votes (mostly republican). Challenge all absentee ballots (mostly republican). Then when it is obvious that the cheating and ballot box stuffing (Proven by the dimpled chads) was not enough to get a win for the "correct" candidate, cry foul! Thank God they did not succeed in 2000. It would be a disaster. Obviously they have been successful in other races and it leaves you to wonder if any win the Dems have is truly legitimate. We are now looking at a possibility that any dissenting opinion will be prevented or possibly outright illegal. We are looking at making the internet non functional for the expression of ideas. That is truly scary. If Obama has any success in this there will be no way out for a long time. We are on a road to insanity in government. Totalitarians are now saturating Washington and opposition is being purged everyday. It is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

J Carlton, Calgary

Not crazy about the source, but the words are real enough. Voting has become a complete farce. When "Mr. HopeyChangey" can negate the Constitution by making new "Global Agreements" with the G20 and UN - NGO's, he turns American law into just as complete a farce. Arm up America, they're coming after your Freedom's and Liberties.

Bob, Eugene, OR

Far better to have a few elites who claim to embody the public will!

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, your "tinkering around the edges" is the point exactly. When you factor in the first Anonymous', warren's, J Carlton's, and my above comments it becomes abundantly clear that such things as voting do not generally improve or progress freedom, liberty, law, justice, or prosperity. The constitutional system was to comprehend that, law is absolute, and eternal. Those voted to represent the individual sovereigns were to discover the existing natural law and then administer it to protect the being and rights of each and every sovereign individual. By translating themselves to god like law makers, those of the statist theocracy (alien to 'We The People' - no longer representatives of the now extinct representative republic, now existing uniquely by inherent right) will do all they can to secure their ethereal ethos, most specifically by perfect application of despotism and tyranny. Voting only tinkers around the edges, not effecting the statist theocracy's system.

E Archer, NYC

Actually voting away peoples' rights IS illegal, but that is what an election has turned into -- voting ourselves money out of someone else's pocket. "Vote for me, and we will tax the suporters of my opponent and give it to you." That was Obama's root message -- and the peasants bought it. If that is democracy, it SHOULD be illegal -- now you can see why a communist sees it differently.

Dick, Fort Worth

Reston, I encourage your reading more about Emma Goldman. She was communist when that was the only hope working people had. She was a brilliant lady with fantastic courage and real zeal for human rights. Her quote was made when voting was even less democratic than it has become with our brainwashing media of today.

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RBESRQ    11/20/09

Archer, Obama doesn't have a root message if he did then I could join in the fracas. This is your opinion which is valued but out of place. Reston, it was a backhanded comment which read that way agrees with you.

humble before God, home

emma goldman proabortion, going to hell. and hell hurts. The LORDs judgement and justice, not people's.

Waffler, Smith

Obama must be doing just great. Not only is Warren and the usual crowds of suspects against him so is the Congressional Black Caucus. He Reid, Pelosi and company have got the Congress and the country talking about something that McConnell and his boys have been hiding and sweeping under the rug for 75 years of so; health care. Now the Reupublicans are claiming to be the defenders of Medicare, have they no shame, have they really no shame. They (yeah the Republicans) claim there is a Democrat effort to take over health care in this country, and then they claim to be the defenders of Medicare. (As usual does anyone know what the hell Mike is talking aobut.)

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, of course you have no understanding in the least of what I wrote. Those that happily live in the triple lined, industrial strength slave box have no clue as to the substance of freedom, liberty, law, justice, or true prosperity (nor do they want to). No amount of logic, reasoning, or explaining could pierce the stupid / slave box you so enjoy.

Jim K, Austin

The messenger may be a little rough around the edges , but the quote is pretty accurate.

robert, Somewhere in the US

It's the intent that matters not the actual words... as our voting process is riddled with abuse and fraud.... It's a bit like the Catholic church, if you pay enough you will be allowed into heaven...

Mike, Norwalk

robert, I like it - dang, I missed all that. I keep hearing all about some 'grace' thang. Do you think that after I die, I can posthumously pay a lot of people to vote / pray for me to get to the end of that stairway. I may have to convert and go back to work ;-) OK, since no one has said it yet, "A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years" (Lysander Spooner)

Jim K, Austin

Love the Lysander Spooner quote.

Mike, Pleasant Hill

First of all communism and human rights are polar opposites. I don't know when these comments were made but we recently had a presidential election and Obama is gone! Donald Trump is president now he is fulfilling his campaign promises that the people voted for, the Liberal Democrats are doing what they do best that being politicizing and lying about what is being done Especially now with the immigration ban from terrorist countries were vetting refugees is impossible.

What president Trump is doing is no different than what then president Bill Clinton said at his State of the Union speech in 1996 concerning immigration and border security and the Democrats applauded what he said then so why is it when president Trump says the exact same thing the left compared him to the devil incarnate?
As to the quote in question?

I believe the last election stands in huge opposition to the quote. Obama's greatest legacy history will show is president Donald Trump, after Obama people were ready to embrace a new political paradigm of a nonpolitician and so far he has delivered the things he has promised!

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

Voting is nothing. The conventional criminals decides beforehand who will serve their evil whims. Then there's an phony election process to give the elusion of some change, diversity, or something different which simply isn't allowed in the conventional arrangement.  In short, the election process is phony criminal orchestrated scheme. Democracy is the bold honest expression of the necessary changes in which we are in tremendous need.


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