Erwin Knoll Quote

“Everything you read in the press is absolutely true. Except the rare event of which you have personal knowledge.”

~ Erwin Knoll

“Knoll’s Law of Accuracy in Media.”

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Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Beria and Goebbels, call your offices.

Mike, Norwalk

I'm not sure of the context. I am sure it was meant as a joke BUT again, without knowing the context - a thumbs down

E Archer, NYC

It's tongue-in-cheek but certainly has been my experience -- that is, the events to which I have personal knowledge have been reported falsely so often, I can only assume the rest is also mostly fiction.

Robert, Birmingham

It goes without saying and without wasting your time reading a litany of examples the UK/US media networks are total corrupt and in no way every to be believed. Their main function is to mislead the public by way of propaganda and fictional reports away from the truth and to support the official narrative.


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