Frederick DouglassFrederick Douglass, [Frederick Baily] (1818-1895), escaped slave, Abolitionist, author, editor of the North Star and later the New National Era

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“The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful, and virtuous.”

Frederick DouglassFrederick Douglass
~ Frederick Douglass

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JoW, Utah
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JoW, Utah    4/15/08

Very true, even a perfect govenrment cannot stand when its people are corrupt.

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Dan    7/18/08

correct JoW. I think it could've been said a bit better. The life of the nation is secure only while the people are honest, truthful, and virtuous. If the people of this country had remained virtuous, when any signs of corrupted elected officials abusing their oath to the constitution, (as our founding expected by warning us to be ever vigilant) it was the responsibility of the honest, truthful and virtuous to get them out of there. Unfortunately, the tactics of the corrupted have so debilitated the constitution, the good people out there who could clean up the place remain in ignorance of the problem. Or would they clean it up? Are most of them so secure and faithful in the way govt. is today that they would continue to close their eyes to the truth as long as they get their cut of the pie?

HON James BOYNTON, Monteagle TN
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HON James BOYNTON, Monteagle TN Dan 8/19/20

Dan, I am an author and I am currently writing my second book "Genesis of a Nation of We The People and I would like to include some of your comment in the book.  Do I have your permission?

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RobertSRQ    7/18/08

Well that puts us in deep dodo... though I would add compassion to that list

jim k, austin

Unfortunately, our kindly old congress buys votes by stealing from the producers and giving to the non-producers, it's called taxation. As a wise man once said, "robbing Peter to pay Paul, always sounds pretty good to Paul".

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

True. And when we are that way we are secure because we are united. This unity will end malicious competition and venality (American Greed) in the financial markets which has caused so much of our problems. Is it honest, truthful and virtuous that heads of oil companies receive a $35 million salary while we suffer with absurd and irrational fuel costs and CEO's of Fannie and Freddie also recieve huge salaries. If they need bail out then the CEO's should be dumped.

RKA, Wasilla

Honest, truthful and virtuous: Unfortunately are the extinct species. Instead we live in the world full of deceit , bogus idealism, and unjustified rule of law. Law, the cardinal essence of present day human existence, is a proof that these trio of human traits are mutated. The only thing that will save us is us alone!

E Archer, NYC

Liberation is a constant process. When obedience to authority is our creed, then 'looking good' is more important than doing good. I'm sorry to say that for the most part, today's common man is a sell out. Most put on aires, polish their acts, and aim to deceive. We elect those with the best acts, not those honest folks who have been 'caught' being human. Telling the truth has become a revolutionary act. Robert, I believe compassion is a virtue, as well as courage which has been said is the virtue upon which all other virtues depend. We lie because of a lack of courage -- and it isn't long that we start believing our lies -- and punishing those that expose them. The truth shall set you free, and when enough people are ready to be honest with themselves, freedom will have a chance.

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    RobertSRQ    7/18/08

    Archer, good, but I disagree with the quote - Plato and Aristotle had different opinions too on this subject. I am firm believer that compassion is the ladder on which all others virtues are based - without compassion courage has no direction. Courage can be a foolish friend or a life saver where compassion remains thoughtful of others.

    Mike, Norwalk

    I’d like to add to the quote, the Boy Scout Oath, Law, Motto, and Slogan; OATH (or PROMISE) On my honor I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. LAW; A Scout is: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. MOTTO: Be Prepared. SCOUT SLOGAN: Do a Good Turn Daily. OOPS! I guess we're in trouble, the alien despot doesn't even allow the Scouts to camp on its autonomous grounds anymore.

    F. M. SWEENEY, Hamilton, ONT.

    WE live in a VERY INSECURE society... "The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is A INSECURE SOCIETY INDEED! HONESTY, TRUTH, and VIRTUE, are GASPING! DEATH is IMMINENT!

    J Carlton, Calgary

    What a novel idea...we should suggest it to the District of Criminals. Nawww, that might mean an end to payoffs and lobbying, they'll never go for it.

    Me Again
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      Me Again    7/19/08

      The lives of the people on planet Earth are secure as long as the leaders of their governments are honest (not all the time) - truthful - (not all the time and only when it benefits those telling the truth) - and virtuous - (NOT).... Thus, from this analysis, we might understand how it is that "our contemporary American leaders" thought it was necessary to develop "a Department" of Homeland Security. To keep us "safe" from EXTERNAL threats and enemies. Not the "Home-Grown" ones....... I SAY THE ONLY TRUE SECURITY OF ANY NATION LIES IN THE HANDS OF IT'S PEOPLE. TO THAT DEGREE, A NATION OF PEOPLE ARE SECURE!

      Patriot, pa

      That's very true, couldn't have said anything better.


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