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“You taught me to be nice, so nice that now I am so full of niceness, I have no sense of right and wrong, no outrage, no passion.”

~ Garrison Keillor

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Mike, Norwalk

I can imagine some humorous applications but for the most part, it kind of reminds me of the nicer, kinder, gentler IRS.

J Carlton, Calgary

Mike, does that mean you get a hug and some counselling when they foreclose on your house? ;-)

E Archer, NYC

It rings true for me. So few are willing to hear inconvenient truths because of political correctness. How do we address the covert take-over of our lives 'nicely'? Is outrage 'inappropriate'? Living lives of quiet desperation is what the oppressors count on.

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Anon    11/30/09

This quote does make one think doesn't it. Speaks lots about the false faces put on by politicos on both sides of the one world coin in that they can do anything and everything criminal and then say oops, I made a grave error based on bad judgement but hey guys, forgive me, I'm only human and of course you know I wouldn't do anything to deliberately hurt you or our nation. Right? Need I say this post in written in extreme sarcasm?

Roxy, Olympia

Pretty good. I stopped listening to him several years ago when he showed his true colors of liberalism mixed in with "down home wisdom".

Waffler, Smith

You can go further, have more friends, be more influential and correct the things that outrage you by being nice. So be nice.

J Carlton, Calgary

Sorry, but I'm tired of being nice. I've been too nice for too long and they've taken advantage of me and everyone like me. Time for "them" to show some damned respect!

warren, olathe

The reason he has no sense of right or wrong is because he is a liberal/progressive. Nice has nothing to do with it. It is not nice to let someone live in ignorance. Whether the victim of that ignorance thinks it nice or not. It is not nice to "help" the less fortunate by entrapping them into a permanent dependence in order to get the ignorant vote. Ignorance is necessary to perpetuate the leftist machine so we are educated in the public schools to "help" us remain properly ignorant and incapable of reason based on knowledge. 2 stars for the humor found in the truth of the quote.

O. Delusional Liberal



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