H. G. WellsH. G. Wells, (1866-1946) English writer

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“The great trouble with you Americans is that you are still under the influence of that second-rate -- shall I say third-rate? -- mind, Karl Marx.”

H. G. WellsH. G. Wells
~ H. G. Wells

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Mike, Norwalk

Still looking for that atheist utopia through socialism, government, etc.

Logan, Memphis, TN

America is such a hypocritical nation. The majority of American's will absolutely say that they are against socialism and Marxist communism, and, in the same breath, support every communistic and socialistic program that they rely on like a damnable crutch: Public schools, Medicaid, Social Security, Federal Reserve, income tax, centralization and control of all transportation, control of agriculture, and every other program that the government uses to make the citizens dependant upon the government for their sustenance, etc.

David L Rosenthal

Which government services would you keep, and how would you fund them?

Mike, Norwalk

I can't think of any services I would keep except those authorized by the Constitution (such as the Post Office). And how to fund it, the old fashion way, through imposts, duties, excise, postal stamps etc. Leaving Marxist mentality by returning to the original Constitutional future (reinstate the Constitution and the original principles thereof) would again create the worlds most wealthy, powerful, philanthropic, progressive, nation with moral authority to go forward.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Socialism just doesn't work. There is no need to keep any gov't services, they are better served by private companies. Health care would cost a fraction, you'd have money to spend or invest without SS or income taxes. Those relying on charity would be forced to work for a living since nobody would give them a big screen TV and SUV. Gov't could NOT afford to arm, let alone invade, Afghanistan or Iraq, or keep troops in Germany, Japan, etc.

MJG, Canada

The trouble with you Americans is you still want to be king of the castle!

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

This is a very out dated quote... and the posts here clearly indicate that there is a strong anarchist and pro-big-business slant taking over, matched by those who pray for the coming of Global Thermonuclear War and Armaggeddon... seems to me like these are the philosophies to fear today, not Marx's which are irrelovant in today's world.

Mike, Mount Holly, NC

Reston, read carefully the next quote listing the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto. Big business isn't the thing to fear. The thing to fear is big business joining with big government. If allowed to work properly, the free market will take care of big business, but when they join with big government and are allowed access to legislation and the backing of the FORCE of government, their corruption is then unstoppable. MJG from Canada, you must be new here. Most who reply here just want to be left alone by government and allowed to live their own lives as they see fit. If I wanted to generalize, I could say, the trouble with you Canadians is that you don't care about liberty and want big government to take care of you.

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EGL, LA    12/4/06

"Most people who reply here" Mike? I think some people who engage in the analysis of these quote are interested in waking up their minds so that they can understand the depth of issues that have roots in history and the written text that has accompanied its unfolding. Don't scriticize someone, and then their country, who has something to say that you must somehow take issue with, and that if you thought about it does not negate your liberterian sensibilities. Not that we need to, but I think most people on this blog agree that America is completely off course at this point.

Michael, Houston, TX

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and will have a wonderful CHRISTmas. The ten points listed below this quotation are Mr. Marx's formula for how to take a capitalistic nation and turn it into a communistic one. Read his book and you will recognize today's democratic party. Ten steps is all it takes--and not that many left to go either. Why am I not surprised that our liberal friends squirm a bit when they see Marx quoted or even criticized? Seems they must do something to justify their adherence to his world view--ie that government should run everything without admitting that they are Marxist. Of course, lts not forget that in this context, THEY are the government and will be the elite with all the privliges. Funny how they would have us believe that socialism would be fine if THEY are in charge. This is the ultimate in naiveté and the essence of the adolescent viewpoint or maybe, of the supposed benevolent dictator---I never can keep them straight. Works out the same. It is well said that "Capitalism's problem is the uneven distribution of wealth, which socialism's virtue is the even distribution of misery." If you want freedom, then lets get back to the Constitution as it was written.

Mike, Norwalk

The Mike/Michaels have it today. The whole Marxist thing is to harmonize big business with big government and all under the umbrella of big central bank. Once all of that is in place, anarchy is supposed to be the natural progression. (yeah, that makes as much sense as starting a draft to make a big army so we won't go to war - lol - more leftist thought) I think of all the nations implementing socialism, Marx would have been most proud of the U.S. And from Reston, more empty anti-Christian rhetoric pushed by the Marxist propaganda press.

E Archer, NYC

It always astounds me how quickly Americans are to condemn communism in one breath and demand socialist programs (as our 'right') from the state the next. Socialism has been dished out to us in such small doses that by the time we will have realized it we will have implemented every plank in the Communist Manifesto -- we already have the foundation in place.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Everyone should be responsible for (king of) their own castle. Under socialism, government is king of your castle, and they grant you a little less every year. Capitalism built this country into the power it is (was?), but we are in decline due to socialist practices. Archer is correct, the planks are laid. Rather like replacing the first row of blocks under a pyramid with 2x4s, our Constitutional blocks are being replaced with social programs. It won't be nuclear war but Yellowstone blowing its cork that destroys our world, and when it blows this country will collapse under its own weight, destroying the country, killing millions, who will cry for their impotent government to do something. As with New Orleans after Katrina, you'll have to take care of yourself or die ... rather like Armageddon.

Mike, Norwalk

Joe, you're so right. I just got back from volunteering for a few more days in New Orleans. A lot has been done in the last year since Katrina but so much more has yet to be done, and it seems that the most government is willing to do is haul garbage away after the clean-up and restoration has been done. Socialism, doesn't work and Marx legacy has created a dependant mind set on a paternal figure that never existed.

Logan, Memphis, TN

It's sad to think that there are people who think that complete "natural" freedom and liberty (as by original intent) equate to anarchy; as if, somehow, freedom to every person would result in complete lawlessness. As to David's response: I'm not against red traffic lights, nor are they against our Republic, so long as we can use our own discretion when no one is present to go through the red light. If I am stuck at a red light, and I can look down as far as possible in all directions and see that my crossing a red light wouldn't harm anyone, it's against our Republic to hold another there against their will-- so long as they do not infringe upon another's right-of-way. Victimless crimes are perhaps one of the most destructive trends to our Republic in America.

Thaddeus T. Bonified, Florida

No wonder why there are so many bad drivers in this country, everyone tries to find a correlation with public-saftey and a violation of the Rights of Man. There isn't a correlation! And your judgement can be off! Just wait an extra 3 seconds at the redlight, what do you have to be in such a hurry for!

Mike, Norwalk

Thaddeus T. Bonified's defense of retardation and a Marxist view of legal positivism proves the ole saying "you can't fix stupid". As to "PUBLIC" and his/her/its safety; I've tried to subpoena Public, John Q. Public, John Doe, Society, etc., he/she/it into court as the injured party (me personally violating his/her/its inalienable Rights of Man) so that I may face my accuser (now there is an extremely abused or exterminated Right of Man). I never could or have to this day found an address. Mr. Bonified, please explain the correlation between: "everyone's" seeking a correlation between safety and rights and a driver's inability to negotiate good abilities. AND, why is it any of your business whether or not I or anyone is in a hurry? Mr. Bonified, thanks for proving Mr. Well's quote.

cal, lewisville, tx

It's appears H G Wells knew FDR and the democrat party here very well.

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    11/28/14

The Marxist's of today are the one's who hide behind the term "PROGRESSIVES." Their intent is the same ... to take away the fruits of your labor through illicit government actions of legalized Plunder.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

There is a problem with Americans today, as with most, wanting what some parents have provided, with out an education and skill earned. They DO NOT READ or care to understand the function of knowledge. Here now not knowing how old some of these comments are, hoping they are newer than not. As one administrator told me recently, " It makes my head hurt ". Knowledge does increase and move more rapidly with the advent of the PC, internet. We need to remember, all start with the first grade. Moderation of temperament, and an endless amount of patience are required to educate, still all must stand upon their own merits. Humility wins favor of the teacher and encourages more direct interaction. Even a little education makes the conversation more palatable. Pride always blinds the ignorant, whether government or the individual and goes before the fall. Humility comes before honor. Our Creator with his natural laws of justice, and equity lifted the beggar out of the dung hill, to set him among princes. Let us teach with humility knowing we serve one higher than ourselves. Fools despise wisdom and instruction, so let the fools be fools, but to the wise child let us care greatly and not to offend, they are the teacher of the child you cannot reach. Nagas exaction we have today, tax, harass, tyrannize, distressed, oppressed. While the banksters being more passive with their Nashah exaction, Usury of the born free sovereign. Grushah of the individual. Dispossession .

Mike, Pleasant Hill

Excellent comments here today but I'm thinking about another I believe it was from Benjamin Franklin? He stated that our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people and that it would not work for any other. It is obvious the problem is not with our Constitution the problem is with our people because they have turned their face away from their creator God and his natural law which is the source of their freedom and rights so is it any wonder the system of government we were originally given no longer works for us, it has been corrupted by unscrupulous individuals working for darker forces, remember we have a creator God but we also have an adversary waiting and wanting to destroy us and he is using the forces at his command and Karl Marx is one of them along with the people who push the progressive agenda.
It is all a seamless garment those pushing to Institute secular humanism as our state religion know exactly what they are working for. I firmly believe there cannot be a political restoration of our founding principles and Constitution in the absence of a religious revival of the source of our liberty.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

Very well stated, Mike Pleasant Hill. I understand your situation. Not religious but very much moral, better stated would be Spiritual, For the word moral is not used from the source text. Hidden things are to be discovered by those that seek truth when all that is spoken are lies and deception ! The revivals of days gone by, are said to be done, but I do believe there will be an awakening before the change comes ! Mercy is a special thing, in Gods court. It is the seat of God's Love. He is not a respecter of persons. Honesty when ask a question is most paramount. A Better man turns quickly. This is considered for use in his court ! For a man to except his standing understands what his state is ! And turns to The Creator and educator of Liberty from oppression ! God is not hidden but is in plain sight. That is why we have a Tree of Liberty, and so shall we if we stand united around the Tree ! Be of good courage says David, he would know, an apple tree. " My righteousness is near; my salvation is gone forth, and mine arms shall judge the people; the isles shall wait upon me, and on mine arm shall they trust." Isaiah 51:5. What do we surmise if the Creator is to appear. We do Declare his Divine Providence in the guidance of our Republic ? We look for our salvation to come, promised, it is at hand ? No doubt. Bless you all. In Christ name Amen

Mike, Norwalk

For the "A" from Reston; This quote is not out dated but even more relevant to today than when given. A large portion of Amerikans are deeply under the influence of a third-rate heart, religion and mind like Karl Marx. Logan here gave a good starting list. AND, where ever possible “big business” has directed Marx’s 10 planks by government design (that is called corporatism or fascism - fascism being the other administrative end of the socialist stick from communism) By way of a contemporary example; much complaining has been made about the number of immigrants coming to this land. First of all, immigration is a State issue (see Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 of the Constitution - the Fed can only regulate citizenship of those that the State’s let immigrate, no State is addressing the issue) The complaint is that the system is being overwhelmed and jobs are being taken. In a land of liberty where there was no Marxist system, the immigrants would have no impact thereon. As to jobs, any sudden large influx of people only makes a short time impact. Where jobs are created by entrepreneurs, individual sovereign mentalities and the otherwise free at heart and mind there will be little to no Marxist influence. Jobs are lost due to the Marxist system. Get rid of Marxism and return to the moral individualism of the originating representative republic and the problem(s) will solve itself. Another influence of a third rate mind, such as Karl Marx’s (communism / fascism) has given a once free people an economic / medical disaster like Obamacare. The list of influences (compelled compliance, license, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity, non-recognition of inalienable rights, regulation antagonistic to natural fiscal law, etc., etc., etc.,) goes on, and on, and on, infinitum.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

The foremost faculty of Marxists is the unholy ability that they possess to capitalize on the frailty of fallen human nature.

The parasitic quasi religion of Marxism battens on the mouldering spiritual character of Man.


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