H. L. MenckenH. L. Mencken, (1880-1956) American Journalist, Editor, Essayist, Linguist, Lexicographer, and Critic

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“The world always makes the assumption that the exposure of an error is identical with the discovery of truth -- that the error and truth are simply opposite. They are nothing of the sort. What the world turns to, when it is cured on one error, is usually simply another error, and maybe one worse than the first one.”

H. L. MenckenH. L. Mencken
~ H. L. Mencken

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Mike, Norwalk

lol, I like it, really funny and true at the same time.

jim k
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jim k    8/10/09

Cuba, under Castro, is a good example. Batista was bad but Castro is infinetly worse.

E Archer, NYC

This describes government exactly -- except we are made to believe these guys are screwing up when in fact their true goal is furthered with each new 'error.' Another reason we should cut off the federal mafia -- each new 'error' tightens their control at our own expense.

Mike, Norwalk

very well said Archer

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RBESRQ    8/11/09

Excellent! I may have made that error - sorry guys...

Ken, Allyn, WA

I'm just cynical enough to see things like Archer. It is all by design. I don't know whose design it might be; most certainly not the faces we see on the election posters. As for Mencken's astute observation, there is an infinite number of ways to be wrong and only one way to be right. It must be by shear luck or divine providence that we've survived as long as we have.

GunnyCee, Durham, NC

How true! America thinking that Bush was the worse error it ever made turned to an even worse error.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Error is the medium of the advancement of the agendas of those to whom Reality is a relentless adversary.

Ronw13, Oregon

Here a little error, there a little error, the next thing you know, Nationalist Socialist are on stage screaming at the Republican Patriots, all the while socialist republicans are going "O" !@#$. now what do we do ! The Trump Era, now Bannon is coming for us, the FDR socialist establishment holdovers. democratic Patriots said , hell they duped us again, jumped ship and voted Trump. Now that socialist marxist are Defined all they can do is attack Everything America once stood for, like Financial Liberty and Freedom to be Happy.

cal, Lewisville, Texas

Obamacare is a bad mistake. What they will replace it with can only get worse.


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