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“The government taxes you when you bring home a paycheck. It taxes you when you make a phone call. It taxes you when you turn on a light. It taxes you when you sell a stock. It taxes you when you fill your car with gas. It taxes you when you ride a plane. It taxes you when you get married. Then it taxes you when you die. This is taxual insanity and it must end.”

~ J. C. Watts, Jr.

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Dick Trice, Fort Worth

I think Watts doesn't have a clue how much those taxes provide for him and for other dumb-butts like him who live in the richest and safest and freest society he and they have been the benefactors through no sweat or blood or misery of their own. Taxes are a small price to pay for everything he receives in return. And their and our taxes would even be less if we had fewer corrupt politicians like him.

uneducated educated person, VA
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uneducated educated person, VA Dick Trice, Fort Worth 5/16/20

His argument is that its not a small price

john-douglas, nassau

I think Trice doesn't have a clue as to where his taxes actually go. They do not go to provide us with government service - they go to the Federal Reserve and the government (IRS) is merely the collection agency for the private shareholders(Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers) who own all the shares in the FED. Look at the back of your income tax cheques and see to whom your tax dollars were depositied - it wasn't the U.S. Government!

Anonymous, reston, VA US

It is so sad to see the negitive effects of the basic lack of education in today's world. As a successful member of society, I am happy to give back to society... I benefit in the giving, and it is sad to see the self centered seek to destroy the very fabric of our society by turning their backs on those in need of our support.

uneducated educated person, VA
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uneducated educated person, VA Anonymous, reston, VA US 5/16/20

Everyone who's views are different than mine are uneducated is such an elitist approach you boomer

HGilson, Cincinnati, OH

I think Trice doesn't have a clue who JC Watts is! Read the book "What Color is a Conservative?" It's a great read!

Charles, Washington D.C.

Mr. Trice quite obviously has not done any research. I too have read about the life and views of J.C. Watts. He is not against all taxes. He simply sees no reason for the overtaxation that Democrats seem to love so much. There has to be a balance. I'm a middle class African American and I personally appreciated the Bush tax cuts. they put money back in my pocket where I can choose how to spend them. I am also in favor of the President's proposals for Social Security. Those who need their hands held can leave their money with the government. I'd rather invest my money according to my choices and knowledge. If I screw it up, at least I will personally be responsible for getting nothing in return (which is preferable to having the government spend my money on today's retirees and tell me it's all gone when I retire). On a sidenote, "What Color is a Conservative" is indeed an excellent read.

Bonnie, Sequim

The rich squeel like little stuffed pigs. They would be happy to see the status quo - no health insurance for all Americans; less tax burden for the rich; low wages for the American worker; no repair to our deteriorating bridges. What services would you like to see go first? Our military? Our roads & highways? Our education system? Our firemen and police? Hope to see some more inspiring quotes supporting everyone paying their fair share to help make this country better - not tearing it down.

Logan, Memphis, TN

I wonder how many students in academics would be willing to participate in a socialist grading system. Of course the below average students would love the increase in their grade, because they would be rewarded for mentality of never really working hard or sacrificing what it takes to get something better. The D students would love it, but the A students would scream murder. Initially, the grades would be averaged around a B; however, as time progressed and the previous A students realized that the extra hard work they put in before would not actually transfer to a better grade because of the slacking students, the A students slough off. The D students, who, by individual nature and mentality, are just coasting by, don't change. The first class average of a B soon becomes a C, and, because of the newly assumed mentality of the students -- the whole class fails. I laugh at the stupidity of people who say, "your taxes provide you the great living experience you have in America..." Bullshit. The amount of taxation is not even remotely associated with the quality of life. Government, in fact and by earned reputation, is the biggest squander of money on the planet! Bonnie, "the "rich squeel[ing] like little stuffed pigs" is the sound of all of those A students complaining for the injustice of a socialistic grading system! Those poor, poor, poor C students, and those bastard A students. It's UNJUST, isn't it?! I don't know why in the hell those A students shouldn't just give up their grade and turn it over to those C students. I mean, after all, we should all just be B students anyway! That way, everyone in class would be happy! Why don't you go out and give all of your money to the government then... If you really think that's the appropriate thing to do, then go give all of YOUR money to the government. Go. Go do it! Oh, wait. You're a hypocrite too? Figures.

Ben, Orem, UT

Socialism always runs out of other people's money. It is self-destructive. Only freedom is self-sustaining. To all you socialists and anti-freedomites that post here: please consider the broader implications of what you propose.

J. B. Wulff, Bristol

The complexity of our "tax system" at all levels stems from the basic dishonesty of politicians. The basic idea behind taxation is to meet the financial needs of the government our free people have established in a fair and equitable manner. People understand the equation of paying for a necessary service. They also understand that all must "chip in" for basic programs like universal, basic education. As government has transformed into something we call "Uncle Sugar," more creative ways of raising the funds had to be developed. Taxes for services like police and fire protection should be collected from all who benefit. We have lost sight of that simple truth. Only a clean sweep and start from scratch approach will ever clean up the mess. The lawyers should really embrace this as "the game" would begin again and they would have more work than they could handle. I can't believe they have missed this.

J Carlton, Calgary

john-douglas nails it. Its a system that collects for the international bankers and keeps you in your place. It takes far far too much to account for infrastucture. And now Obama has just signed away the last of anything resembling American economic soveriegnty, anything resembling American rights... http://www.dickmorris.com/blog/2009/04/06/the-declaration-of-independence-has-been-repealed/

Mike, Norwalk

The Dicks, 'A's from Reston, and Bonnies have no clue where their taxes go. Has anybody ever looked inside the yellow pages under the government sections (and that's only a starting point of what actually exists) As far as the Federal government goes, where is the specific verbiage that authorizes each of those services and departments? AND, then when you add interest to borrowed notes and debt, the whole larceny thing becomes more and more unjustifiable. If spending was reduced to the concept of an individual sovereign's representation and Constitutional limits, the subsequent debt load on business alone would allow American business to out produce the rest of the world (even the communist slave countries) If you added to that, the elimination of ridiculous regulation and rules for control's sake only, the U.S would be the most at work nation on the planet. If all that occurred, we would once again be able to invite the tired, poor, hungry, and huddled masses to our home.

jim k, austin

Mike, Norwalk is right. Komrads Dick,Reston, and Bonnie should pay attention.

Tired of political hacks, anytown, usa

Methinketh that Comrade Watts speaketh with forked tongue. All of the Fed Income Taxes go to paying the interest on the fiat $$$ that the privately held Fed Reserve loans our government. None to the principal. All the 'programs' are 'paid' for with debt.

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Blue    4/16/09

Anyone who thinks that the tax level we have now provides us with wealth, safety, and freedom is a complete fool. All of these things come from people living correct principles (thrift, industry, mutual respect, etc) NOT FROM THE GOVERNMENT.

utahmink, Hurricane,UT

No one answered the question directly - how do you build/improve/keep a nation's infrastructure without taxes!!! Socialism - schmosocialism - hoard all your pennies and dollars - don't pay your fair share in taxes and watch a nation fall. To you would be capitalist - No one is trying to take your money we just want everyone - rich and middle income to pay their fair share of taxes. (I'd grade this comment A+)

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RBESRQ    4/16/09

Lets cancel our phone, stop using electricity, take our money out of stocks, sell our cars, stop flying, have bastard children, and live for ever, Have a flat tax of 15 percent with no exceptions; no property tax on homes less than 150k; and increase the tax on cigarettes, alcohol, gas, and all luxury stuff. Cut military spending and government in half.

J Carlton, Calgary

utahmink...you are operating under a major misconception. If only it were that simple. The whole thing is a ponzi scheme of the highest order. They have you honestly believing they put the money to good purpose and take no more than necessary. Both thoughts are complete lies. Its not about capitalism...its about gangsterism under the "guise" of benevolence. Do some home work and don't be fooled.

Mike, Norwalk

utahmink, your entire philosophical premise is extremely flawed. To answer your question directly, the same way it was done pre-1913. utahmink, you must be new to this blog - If you take out the income tax from all taxes collected in 2007, there were still more taxes collected in 2007 than all taxes collected in 1997 (that's even including income tax) As to weights and measures, what is fair? Why is it not fair to make the other than rich and middle income pay for what they have? By "No one" do you mean the alien theocracy calling itself government? AND, utahmink, what right do you have, as part of we, to take from me the fruits of my labors?

E Archer, NYC

What is insane is letting them keep doing it! There is plenty of charity in the hearts of Americans -- there is no need to force it unless you are trying to take a piece of the action. Scholarships, grants, care packages of all kinds have always come from private parties. But it's criminal to FORCE everyone to pay the taxman and the legions of bureaucrats and agencies that simply eat up the protection money and distribute it to their supporters. From what I have gathered, it appears that those that have been the recipients of federal dollars are all for taxing the rest of us so that they can pay for school or get free medical care or get anything 'free' will eventually see this as a 'right.' The 'what have you done for me lately' syndrome is alive and well among the collectivists who seem to believe that they have a presumptive right to everybody else's fruits of labor. It is not enough that I should chose for myself who I would like to help out, no, I am forced at gun point to give a 1/3 of everything I earn to a bureaucracy that operates no less differently than mafiosa. Secondly, the idea that I must keep paying taxes on property I have already paid taxes on is unconscionable -- that is the very definition of socialism/despotism -- you cannot own anything, you merely keep paying or else it is taken from you. All this is in fact unconstitutional and unlawful; however, the US has been operating under a permanent state of bankruptcy since FDR, and everything has essentially already been taken from us -- we are now merely permitted to keep on living as wards of the Bank under the rules and conditions of the funny money we must borrow to survive. Is it any wonder Americans seek fantasy and entertainment all the time? What pisses me off is that Americans can take their country back any time they are willing to do so. Our cowardice will be our enslavement if we don't take a stand soon.

M. Brown, Florida

You guys never cease to entertain! I do believe there are a few here that are prosocialism, because you've tasted the "help" before, or know someone who has. I believe in helping the helpless but not giving handouts, just because it's fair, as Archer said. People like utahmink just need an education on all of this, and utahmink, your at the right place!! Listen to Mike, Logan, Jim too, they all have an understanding and are obviously educated to explain. No one is always right but they won't steer you wrong. If not find some nonpartisan websites, you don't have all the facts.

Waffler, Smith

I was googling Las Cruces, New Mexico today. Their motto is "People Helping People" is that not, if not interesting, at least apropos!

Lizz, St. Louis

I think some of these people just sit around in their underpants on a desktop computer with a wireless landline telephone with Conservative Radio Talk Shows on their speed dial. They are always the one's where the host will let the liberal/Socialist/Anti-Corporate talk just to confirm your on the right side.

Don, Coal Township, Pa

I agree as a divorced father of two I paid out $700.00 per month for 16 years in child support. I was taxed as a single person so I had to make $900.00 to pay $700.00 to the ex so that like making $10,800 so my children got $8,400.00 and the government got $2400.00. Yes then my neighbor who is an unwed mother get's like $5000.00 in federal tax refunds every year and no that she has had a second child by another guy and they shack up and he claims single father status he get $5000.00 also back in federal taxes. Yet they both together make as much as I do, but because they are single parents they pay no taxes. Ya it nice to give my military retirement to my neighbors in the form of being a single parent. Thanks for my service and hope you enjoy my retirement money each month. Yes you children get reduce lunches at school or reduced child care and free breakfast and lunch thanks to the free food for infants with low income parents. Yes you can use your $5,000.00 refund each or that $10,000.00 for both of you to buy your daughter a $350.00 IPOD, a flat screen TV for the Kitchen, new computer soft wear, go out to eat and send your children to camp and week outings all on my dime. Yes it's nice of you to use taxpayers money for live a more relaxed life taking vacations, to party and let people think you are working hard for your money, when in fact you would not have what you have if you were not UN WED PARENTS living of single peoples tax dollars. Ya my children my not go on all the trips as your bastard children or have the latest electronic equipment but at least my children know the truth. So in the future when your children who think they are better than the poor classmates who parents pays taxes tells the BASTARDS just how their parents pays for all the goodies they have in life don't call it bulling just tell the truth to your children, you chose not to marry their father or fathers because it was more better to get FREE STUFF by taxing tax dollars v/s working hard and buying it yourself. So when your daughter comes home with child you can say JOB well done my child now we can get more tax dollars in the house. When your son says he has knocked up another girl tell him to move out and don't get a job to pay child support, yet wait and move in to section 8 housing with her. The tax payers will provide them a better life than working. What will happen when those of us who pay taxes just quit and say enough is enough and we just want pay anymore.

jim k, Austin, Tx

It had to happen , utamink used that old ,worn out phrase, "pay their fair share". Don't you just love that term. Paying "Your fair Share" has absolutely no meaning except to be a catch phrase for liberals. They use it when they are hoping to convince the boobs that we need to "Soak the rich". This crazy idea appeals to nitwits like Waffler, Dick, Reston and utamink.

J Carlton, Calgary

Exactly Jim. I've always maintained that the word "fair", unless used to describe the weather, is a concept of children and communists. It doesn't exist anywhere in nature or the real world.

Mike, Norwalk

Prior to 1913 the de jure U.S.A. was the cleanest, most educated, most giving, most employed, most prosperous, healthiest, had the best roads, fought foreign wars, grew wealthy from immigration, etc., etc., etc.. After the war of northern aggression, the socialist creeping grip on a once free people was crowned by the 1913 trifecta (income tax, federal reserve, and social security) Now, the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land mandates its malignant tithes and offerings at the detriment of the once free sovereign individual.

empty pockets, NO, La

Watts actually left out about a hundred other "hidden" taxes so the picture is even worse than he paints.

Mike, Norwalk is correct but didn't go far enough by naming the agenda item all this is in pursuit of--a basic plank of the socialist 'platform' which Obama even admitted to: redistribution of wealth.

To Anonymous in Reston (above): You're so "happy to give back to society"? No one is stopping you. But confiscation of OUR money so it can be "redistributed" primarily and mostly among the 'ruling class" and power elites is not the way. If you don't mind that then on your IRS form simply make whatever sized "donation" over and above your assessed taxes you wish. I guarantee you the'll cash your check. Or you could do ACTUAL good by donating to worthy and financially responsible private charities which use the bulk of donations to do what they promise.

Mike, Norwalk

One problem with the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land's seminaries (government schools) is that there is nothing taught about the difference in taxes, some are enslaving, socialistic / anti-liberty and poverty inducing while the individual sovereign (along with his commercial endeavors / investments) pay for that which protects inalienable rights and is harmonious with the laws of nature and of nature's God. Mandatory religious tithes, tributes and offerings (giving back, socialism, enslavement, poverty enhancement, government dependence, etc.) is diametrically opposed to freemen paying for lawful / secular administrations of their personally representative body politic.

Ronw13, Yachats OR

So many good leading comments. " Understanding " a, not so simple, 13 letter word. To sure up, hold fast, strength through knowledge. Liberty scares the hell out of the ignorant dependent citizen child. Keep it simple stupid, KISS. A ref, to Psalm 2:12. Kiss the Son. Being told this, by one who knows the foundation well. Hell who even knew there was a foundation, and it looks like a ruler. Which is graduated in numerical order. Accurate indeed, able to bridge gaps, into spaces, not seen. A guide to follow and in doing so, numbers do point out ( reveal truth ) and they do not lie ! Scares even the best of intentions by what ever religion, State or Church. For all entities which want to save other peoples money, that is where the thief inters in, and if you don't want them to save your money, the thief pulls a gun. That is how slaves are made. In America some say, 200 years is a long time, and 200 miles is a short distance. but on the contrary, Europe says 200 miles is a long ways, and 200 years is just a short time. Europe keeps a short leash on its slaves.

John C. Davidson, Mount Vernon, Ohio

Many forms of taxation are using other terms to describe it. License fees, co-pays, dues, enforced donations to get favorable treatment.

Gerald, Monona

To all those railing against the Government Theocracy imposing unconstitutional, unfair, freedom suppressing taxes: Easy to post a thumbs down, but what is your proposal to ask "We the people" what is a fair, just, equitable contribution to the social/political fabric that keeps us, as a society (you are part of it), safe, educated, healthy, and...........free?

Gerald, Monona

Ronw13, (hope there aren't 12 more of you) get a grip!!

I Am, Somewhere...USA

In reference to income tax (payroll) this is the distribution. 40% goes to the 'Crown' in the 'City' of London and the balance 60% is sent to the Vatican. Both payments are Tributes. This rip-off has been going on for many generations and this shake-down is perpetuated by bribing the politicians at all levels by cut-out of the Wall Street Bankers, who own the Federal Reserve Bank. It's legalized theft. Those that are interested in knowing more go to: http://www.annavonreitz.com/annavonreitz.pdf


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