Jacob G. HornbergerJacob G. Hornberger, (1950- ) American author, journalist, politician, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation

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“The cult of the omnipotent state has millions of followers in the United States. Americans of today view their government in the same way as Christians view their God; they worship and adore the state and they render their lives and fortunes to it. Statists believe that their lives -- their very being -- are a privilege that the state has given to them. They believe that everything they do is -- and should be -- dependent on the consent of the government. Thus, statists support such devices as income taxation, licensing laws, regulations, passports, trade restrictions, and the like.”

Jacob G. HornbergerJacob G. Hornberger
~ Jacob G. Hornberger

Waco And The Cult Of The Omnipotent State, The Tyranny Of Gun Control, 69 (Future Of Freedom Foundation 1997).

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Mike, Norwalk

WOW ! ! ! can't get more accurate than that. Some of the regulars to this blog, such as the 'A' from Reston and Waffler, are such prime examples of this quote their photos could be used as posters in support of the totalitarian Amerika

cal, lewisville, tx

I always felt that the defination of GOD is from whom one gets his strength. This shows us who these followers depend on.

Justin, Elkland

The cult of government is one of humanity's oldest religions.

patriot2011, novi, mich

Some of what you have stated may be true, but the real bottom line is that most people have been conditioned (dumbed-down) to accept what government is doing to them; I call it mental cowardice. Many people have told me that it is easier and cheaper to just pay what the government wants since this, the USA, is still the best government (?) in the world. I base my conclusions upon Charlotte Iserbyt's book, The Deliberated Dumbing-Down of America!

jim k, Austin,Tx

How any grown person with half a brain and not suffering a mental disorder can be a liberal, ie, a socialist, is a mystery to me. This is a great quote.

J Carlton, Calgary

An accurate description of the American Borg.

E Archer, NYC

Like all mandatory religions throughout history, 'heretics' have been the focus of hatred, vitriol, and violence simply because they dare to point out that the emperor wears no clothes. I find it interesting that the most devout secular 'progressives' mimic the very religious arrogance they so quickly condemn. As with most fundamentalists, their conscience is clear when they violate the rights and dignity of those that dare to reason, think, and otherwise make their own way without permission from the 'authorities.' This is what 12+ years of 'schooling' will get you as well as the 4-6 hours a day of television 'programming.'

dick, fort worth

a real nut case.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk dick, fort worth 3/19/19

dick, empty ad hominens are expected from clueless socialists. Do you have any substantive facts, evidence or proof contrary to the quote's subject matter?

J Carlton, Calgary

Oh Look Dick from The Muppet Show is back! ;)

jim k, Austin, Tx

Dick, thanks for describing yourself.

Jane, Phoenix

What a load of codswallop! "worship and adore"? Hyperbole is so off-putting. Reasoned debate, please. It's definitely a subject on which we should have public conversion, but this feverish contribution doesn't advance the discourse in any way.

Mike, Norwalk

Jane from Phoenix, what is your concept of reasoned debate ? Can the reasonable debate start with natural law, what / where / how does a lawful nexus transfer from a once individual sovereign to an office of servant (now totalitarian god like master), or how there is no more concept of inalienable rights (including ownership). Most on this blog are very open to public conversation (especially concerning government of law vs. government of men). How close to the belief in a statist theocracy must one be to advance the discourse in any way ?

Mike, Norwalk

Jane, just one last thought. By "public discussion", are you describing or seeking how or what socialist theocratic dogmas to apply ? If that is the case, I understand your interpreted "feverish contribution".

Robert, Somewhere in Europe

Obviously, Jacob wasn't considering the followers on this blog (well, most of them). Perhaps if he didn't through the baby out with the bath waters I may have considered giving him one star. Mike, you are a good fellow, but you must refrain from using "Natural Law" in nearly all your comments. To really get down to advancing discourse one must speak openly and in words that do not confuse the issue at hand.
A civilized state should have free schooling, free healthcare, and the ability to feed and shelter yourself. We are not all so fortunate to have the ability to provide these things for our self - there are many who need our help. We must have organisations that help those less fortunate and these organisation should be funded by government (this should be a Christian Principle). For instance Medicare and Medicaid are both great programs but are totally abuse by the medical profession which is private. If I ran these programs I would stop private practice, the pharma industry, and private hospitals, from the current abuse of the system. Do you agree that people should be prosecuted for giving food to the poor and homeless and growing your own food on your own soil. America has become a Christian far right oligarchy (totalitarianism), where dissent and telling the truth is criminalize (ala George Orwell) . Americas savior will be Liberalism (please do not confuse liberalism with communism)

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Robert, Somewhere in Europe 3/19/19

Robert, thank you for proving the quote. I smile at your comments, almost to the point it is audible. You are correct, moral imperatives and tenets of religion (including Christian principles) are to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give shelter to the homeless, care for the ill and otherwise afflicted, finance the indigent and educate the children. Blending religion with a "natural law" secular State is defined as a theocracy; or, as the quote's author so accurately states it "The cult of the omnipotent State”. Your support of the omnipotent god State with enforcement of oligarch selected religious tenets is averse to individual sovereignty at law and the States united intention of there being no national establishment of religion. Under the current statist theocracy infesting this land's omnipotent god like status and enforced canons, individuals are prosecuted for giving food to the poor and acting on other Christian principles; and, growing food for themselves and others. You are mistaken concerning their own land. The occupying statist theocracy infesting this land does not recognize individual sovereignty with inalienable rights at liberty (inclusive of perfected allodium). A "Title" of privilege is all that is allowed by the omnipotent statist cult who enforces its sole ownership through mandatory tithes and offerings (property and other taxes).

I'm not sure what political measuring standard you are using to measure left and right (socialism = communist left, fascism right ? ? ? and/or a definition of liberalism that hasn't been used by patrons of the statist theocracy since the 1700s). America (Amerika – made up of so many State cult worshipers) has become anything but Christian. By example: the omnipotent statist theocracy (anti-Christian) / the carnal government god cult enforces dogmas and canons such as compelled compliance, government licenses, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity (2nd plank of the communist manifesto, Social Security, police state confiscations, etc.), denial of individual sovereign inalienable rights, liberty, equity, law — and — aiding and abetting by threat, duress and worse, certain religious sacraments such as marriage and, human sacrifice to gods of pleasure and life style (-; can you tell I really like the list in the quote ;-).

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Robert, Somewhere in Europe 3/19/19

"To really get down to advancing discourse one must speak openly and in words that do not confuse the issue at hand."

I think Mike just did, Robert.  Do you 'grok' any of this? 

"We must have organisations that help those less fortunate and these organisation should be funded by government" — OK, that is YOUR idea, do the rest of us have anything to say about it?  How will the government pay the organizations (i.e. corporations)?  Is there any limit to how much the government may take from the people in order to pay the corporations to help us?  This is not the rich paying for the health care of the poor, this is everyone paying for the organizations to provide for us, and doing a crappy job at that.

Yes, you are talking about Christian Principles — an atheist wishing his government to follow Christian Principles — why?  The principles are good, but the thing is the responsibility is YOURS and MINE not a corporation of unaccountable profiteers in the victim and grievance industries.

You are right , Robert, in that a nation cannot let the poor and sick fall through the cracks, but it can never be legislated unfortunately.  If WE as a people, individually in our own capacity, offer that charity, give of ourselves, do good, as we sow so shall we reap.  That is how it works.  That is what you do, I know, and your contribution makes a difference.  Performing Christian acts for their own sake, not for anything in return.  Good for you!  You are a good man.

If you really want what you say, Robert, a republican form of government and a sovereign, responsible populace that does not employ theft to pay for the 'common good' is the best strategy.  True Liberalism puts the future of humanity in the hands of the people themselves, not centralized, pyramidal, Pharaoh's rule that all forms of Statism must have.  Socialism never works, thus requires constant propaganda to twist the plain meaning of words.  Socialist countries with Christian foundations do better than the atheist versions, but eventually, as Christian principles wane, so do the economies of the nations — Norway, Sweden, Finland, even Canada, these countries are having trouble with their socialized everything as they run out of people who share the same values.  Socialist values are predatory!  They lay claim to others' labor, money, property, speech as a 'right' — that's what you mean, Robert when you say the government should pay these organizations, as their RIGHT.  You do understand that the merging of government and corporatism is the very definition of fascism, right?

I guess it is a glass half full issue then.  I believe Life is a gift and opportunity, even though I have half a cup, it's better than nothing, and I can fill that cup if I have a mind to.  While the so-called liberals see themselves as missing half a cup, and looking at other people's cups and comparing.  They believe they are entitled to the full cup I now have because I have worked to fill it.  As well, they assume that they know what to do with my cup's 'excess.'  Does that sound about right?  Is the person ever responsible for playing the game with the hand he has been dealt? Cheers.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

The way of harmony for the people, our Declaration of Independence, trusting the Creator, the God of Nature and by way of his natural laws of Liberty and Morality, this nation was founded. 13 natural laws of moral conduct to govern those that lend to a free sovereign at Liberty. Blind greed drives the socialist machine. Whether Church or State. Mandating servitude by way of unnatural application and omitting of the laws of morality, O, they forget to mention those in state or bible class ! Liberty denied create discontent. unless you live up to the state rule. What a farce and a pile of lies shoved down the peoples throats, and in their ears. One realizes they are a slave when the property tax is not paid. democratic Fabian socialism, thrives upon blind obedience to the state god. Bread and circus. While the elite privileged take stock of their holdings, people ! Natural laws of Liberty removed create a caged bird. and a corralled beast. Life is not fair and it is unnatural to think that a socialistic state, can make it so.

E Archer, NYC

Wow, Robert, you have demonstrated the mindset of the altruistic, totalitarian statist to a tee. 'Don't bother me with concepts like natural law, here's what SHOULD be done...' Forget about whether the populace you compel by law agree or not -- YOU know.

"A civilized state should have free schooling, free healthcare, and the ability to feed and shelter yourself." Says, YOU, Robert. Totalitarian nations have all of that -- and it is compulsory. Receiving any of these services requires permission from the state and even forced medical procedures can be performed on citizens -- because the citizen is under the control of the state. Complete state control over the education and health care of a nation is absolute servitude - get over yourself, man! Sheesh, genocide is your creed, study some damn history. The price for your Utopia are the lives and liberty of THE WORLD.

The Christian Principle is Love. Out of that is the recognition that my cup is overflowing, and it is my pleasure to give as I have received. What you want, Robert, is to compel me to give to you and your favorites -- you do that by belittling the productive for being abundant and for 'selfishly' supporting their own causes instead of yours, which apparently are what we all SHOULD be devoting our labors to.

I find it funny that you despise religion and churches so much, yet wish the government to serve the same functions -- only everyone would be required by law to be a follower of the god of collective Power. There is no less a temple builder in you, Robert, with the same purpose -- to acquire power to 'rule the world.'

Frankly I am sick and tired of all the 'saviors' from the left and the right -- they are not saving anyone! Only trying to win hearts and minds to further a personal agenda of greed and power. EGO, Robert, perhaps take a look at it...

The distinction to make is simple when trying to figure out whether a 'liberal' is a 'classic liberal' or 'progressive socialist' : simply, where does the responsibility lie for the decisions I make in this life? AND where does the responsibility lie for the decisions YOU make in this life?

E Archer, NYC

BTW, Robert, when you say "A civilized state should have free schooling, free healthcare, and the ability to feed and shelter yourself" you are demonstrating collectivist group-think -- "a civilized state should have the ability...to feed and shelter yourself?" Typical of a collectivist mindset -- the state and 'yourself' are one and the same. What you most likely really meant is that "the state should have the ability to feed and shelter everyone" -- right? What about those that do not want to be fed and sheltered by the 'civilized' state? What about those that in fact DO wish to feed and shelter themselves -- your plans to bridle them to power your 'compassion' is nothing but tyranny most beneficial to you. Hypocrisy, ignorance and self-righteousness -- it is not just the domain of the fundamentalist religious right but the fundamentalist communist left that deludes itself into believing that THEIR version of altruism will not self-destruct and oppress as the Chinese and Soviets have -- with hundreds of millions of the common people wiped out. Delude yourself, but do not expect the rest of us to follow you down into the feeding pit.

E Archer, NYC

Mandatory attendance at government education centers daily, mandatory medical treatments and drugs as determined by public health professionals, mental fitness screening to determine obedience levels, the 'right' of government to feed and shelter itself through theft, intimidation, imprisonment, and murder. This is the Leviathan such 'progressive' rhetoric actually feeds while tearing down the self-reliant that buck and will not be yoked. The leftist rhetoric is a bill of goods they have bought to justify their victimhood -- I for one will not wallow in the mud with them. Useful idiots indeed.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk E Archer, NYC 3/19/19

Archer ;-) I would like to rate your above comments with innumerable stars unlimited times  VERY WELL SAID.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Mike, Norwalk 3/19/19

My apologies for the ranting  I've obviously let myself be 'triggered.'  I do think Robert is a Christian at heart, and is but trying to bring its principles to secular government.  This is not new, and begs the question why the separation of church and state anyway?  Because merging the two is incompatible with liberty and fosters oligarchy.


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