James BovardJames Bovard, (1956- ) American author, lecturer

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“The people = government doctrine is equivalent to political infantilism -- an agreement to pretend that the citizen's wishes animate each restriction or exaction inflicted upon him.”

James BovardJames Bovard
~ James Bovard

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mike, Norwalk

In a de jure representative republic, with a constitution limiting the representatives scope of action (not limiting or addressing an individual of We The People in any way), the comment is totally INaccurate. In a practical application, as now exists world wide, the statement's fallacy focus is dead-on accurate. In a people = government, with representatives or otherwise, no person (individually or in concert - government) can lawfully compel the compliance of another, license, create or enforce victimless crimes, commit larceny against another's labor or property, or in anyway infringe on another's right(s).

E Archer, NYC

Remember, it is the government that keeps equating itself with 'the people' even though they are but a tiny minority and almost always representing their own interests rather than of those they supposedly represent. There is a significant difference between a representative government and a 'ruling' government.

J Carlton, Calgary

Wow! That says it very succinctly. And Waffler's "The government is the people", theory is described perfectly as..."infantile"


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