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“A man must pay the fiddler. In my case it so happened that a whole symphony orchestra often had to be subsidized.”

~ John Barrymore

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Anon    3/27/09

Great analogy of present day life, we are all singing to the tune of our conductors.

J Carlton, Calgary

If the orchestra is a reference to bureaucracy...they can't even hold a tune and they're nothing but parasites.... Fire The Orchestra!

Mike, Norwalk

I'm with Anon and J Carlton

jim k, austin

Obama and the usual suspects are fiddling away our freedoms and we are paying through the nose. He will most likely be a one termer but can we survive even one with this Marxist in the white House?

M. Brown, Florida

Yes, but how many ways are we to pay the fiddler on the same penny?

Waffler, Smith

Fiddling around is one thing but I love a symphony and I am willing to pay for it. Just paid a fortune or at least $6.00 a beer to hear classic jazz in New Orleans. You get what you pay for!


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