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“The first goal and primary function of the U.S. public school is not to educate good people, but good citizens. It is the function which we call - in enemy nations - 'state indoctrination.'”

~ Jonathan Kozol

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anneclevelans, Gainesville, Georgia

GREAT!! I!m so glad to find some-one who realizes and speaks up the truth about tax-supported schools. On my blog site,, I frequently post articles about the indoctrination instead of education..For years I fought the system, but ultimately figured out, cant have morality in a system based on immorality. ie the stolen loot of taxes. Thanks, Anne Cleveland

Bryan Morton, Stuart, Florida

Our government is very good at choosing positive sounding names for their actions and derogatory ones for the same actions when they're done by others. However, we aren't too bright and we fall for it almost every time.

jim k, austin

The quote is perfect. And when high school graduates read at a 3rd grade level and can't find the USA on a world map, the solution is always, MORE MONEY.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

BS not in the Ridley Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania public school I atttended. I remember distincly one teacher characterizng the US Army as a former of communism. He did not sound like a Government puppet to me. Other teachers and all of the students came from diverse backgrounds of culture, religion and experience and political persuasion. We held mock Presidential Elections between Nixon and Kennedy. If the Government, which was the Eisenhower Administration was running things do you really think they would let kids freely debate politics. Would love to know what kind of schools y'all went to! PS: Compare the diversity mentioned above to the lock step mentailites in Catholic, Christian, or Muslim Schools.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, your teacher touched on a thread of truth through such indoctrination, the US Army was used to support one form of communism (socialism) over another. That has zero reference to the noble individuals that served in the military but, everything to say about public indoctrination. And YES, I think the public schools would have their future citizens absolutely debate politics, especially where the first goal and primary function was to establish the parameters of the concepts, definitions, topics, depate, etc. My public school did the same. True freedom, liberty, and original intent of the Constitution were scoffed at and not allowed.

E Archer, NYC

Waffler, if you attended public schools all your life, how do you know what goes on in a Catholic or private school? Answer: you don't. And neither would you know what goes on in a Quaker school, or Montessori, Steiner, or Waldorf school -- or how millions of people educate themselves at home or the library or on a ship. Such narcissism merely ignores the myriads of possible learning experiences available outside of the mediocre insitutional model. I know you think you got a great education, but from the content of your posts over the last year, I can assure you, you didn't -- but you did get 'socialized' alright. What kind of school did I go to? The University of Hard Knocks, sometimes referred to as 'Screw U.' ;-)

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

I went to a private college. I had Catholic friends, have attended Quaker Meetings. I did not avail myself of all of my opporturnities in public school to my chagrine. My nephews graduated from Delaware State public high school one is a Phd. one is a carpenter. I was a C+ student in High School and in the top 10% of my college class. Archer you are not even educated enough to know of the existence of the term "community schools" which is used throughout this country and around the world. How stupid and sheltered can one man be? PS: Churchill was a C student and John McCain almost failed to get out of Annapolis coming in 5th from the bottom of his class. I think you have been knocked in the head just to many times Mr. Archer. Public school and Quaker Friends Schools are open minded, and diverse learning environments. Church schools often are regimented iron handed institutions. Some like regimentation and have adopted the uniformed student model even for public school, so goes to show you. As for me I put my son through ten years of a church school, but I was active in his education.

E Archer, NYC

Ooo, very impressive Waffler (not). You may continue to defend your mediocrity, but keep away from trying to save the rest of us with your 'education.' You are only proving my point...

Just some chick on the web, Middle America

Waffler seems to be one that likes to pretend he is an educated individualist, yet he very apparently lacks the fortitude to resist offering even the most petty insults. Quite telling.

Mike, Norwalk

This last election cycle has proved the accuracy of the quote beyond any credible denial. The occupying statist theocracy's ecclesiastical seminaries (government schools) have encouraged beating, bullying and otherwise abusing (calling names like racist, bigot, etc.) of children by other children when they might proclaim a support for other than the criminal cabal's progressive (socialist / anti-constitution) candidate. Kids have been let out of school to protest the new president-elect because he does not represent the seminary's preferred form of socialism etc. ad nauseam. .

Ronw13, Oregon

Socialistic indoctrination of church and state. One can see clearly now, the bridging of separation caused by designing socialist. This has upset their agenda, the more resistance shown by the socialist, the Stronger Resolve it creates among the unified Patriots. Spoiled children, lashing out, condoned and promoted by the Corruption within the public schools. Very sad indeed, when teachers speak and teach against the very liberty, they so-call embrace. Enemies within the ranks of common sense, stick out like a sore thumb !

E Archer, NYC

American political discourse has devolved into nothing more than calling people names. Worse is that the media and schools promote fallacies as reality. I voted for the policies and principles I want represented -- that represent me. I define myself in terms of what I stand for, not what I look like.

Whatever happened to the "content of their character"? Growing up, 'prejudice' was strongly frowned upon. Now, prejudice is the governing rule -- calling someone a racist is prejudice. The Left is falling off the edge and hanging on to all they have -- cursing the rest of us as they fall into the pit... ;-)

Hey, inner cities, the rest of us have grown up with diverse people from all walks of life -- this is AMERICA, you know! Calling us racists does not ring true. That old racket just doesn't carry enough weight in America -- the first black president got elected by the majority of white voters, many of whom voted for Trump this time. What is clear, given the chance, the People will vote to get away from socialism, for a return to honest government of PRINCIPLE, not persona.

jim k, Austin

Still true today.


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