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“The purpose of the Bill of Rights was to limit what the federal government could do. Any interpretation of a provision of the Bill of Rights as a grant of federal power is ipso facto wrong.”

~ L. A. Powe, Jr.

Guns, Words, And Constitutional Interpretation, 38 William & Mary L. R. 1311, 1341-42 (1997).

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Mike, Norwalk

This, though incomplete in defining purpose, would be a giant DAHH ! ! ! except for the recognized ignorance of so many government schooled and the socialist agenda of the statist theocracy infesting this land.

Elaine, Atlanta

I have never liked the way this administration has been sneaking change into our young elementary children in preparing them for socialism. Sneaking czars have a lot to do with this. They ignore the Constitution & the Bill of Rights. They say they are using the Preamble to teach children, but their Preamble has had the words changed and are now being taught to our children how to become good little socialists. Look up the site of: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/socialist-mantra-hidden-in-grade-school-chants/ It is some the socialist agenda to be forced on our children and needs to be stopped now.

J Carlton, Calgary

It has taken many years to dumb down the American people, but the endeavour is almost complete. On the bright side, people are becoming more aware of alphabet gang tyranny, rapacious taxation, worthless currency and a government who's agenda is one of globalism / communism. Get ready folks...we're in for a major "change".

Dr. Tom LaMar, Keeseville, NY

The 10th is one of the keys to our would-be salvation if it could be used to nullify much of the Federal gov.'s "grabs" of power from the states. This same principle could be used in my favorite revamping of the monetary system for a new honest fiat dollar based on the GNP, not thin air as now, with the states keeping the basket of goods representative of all parts of the country and economy, which sounds messy, but then, this IS the most important thing in America besides defense...but you'll never see it, as TFTB will always cause "favor" in printing baseless fiat to our collective detriment as they wish, like TARP, QE2 and soon QE3 ?...and no prosecutions in sight for any of it ! Even heroine judges like Preska, Born and Warren are of no help it seems. RP is one of a few hopes.

jim k, Austin.Tx

Summed up well in two sentences.

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Anonymous    3/29/11

no comment is necessary...

E Archer, NYC

Funny how most Americans are ignorant of this simple fact. I for one was never taught the distinction in school.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

A self evident actuality that actually was self evident, for generations, to a plurality of this nation's once respectably well illumined citizenry.

Cal, Lewisville, TX

The Supreme Court has changed the meaning of the Bill of Rights so much you might better research before you exercise them.

John Shuttleworth, New York City

If the context of this quote was not connected to (what I think may be) a perverse interpretation of the Second Amendment I would find it more palatable.

Mike, Norwalk

John Shuttleworth, please elaborate - what is your understanding of a perverse interpretation of the Second Amendment?


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