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“[T]he greatest problem facing the United States today is not racism; it is the disappearance of the can-do attitude that built the country, ... We’ve lost the sense of individual responsibility for our problems, and that’s bad enough. But what’s worse, we’re losing faith in our ability to solve our problems. This acquired sense of helplessness is catastrophic, and it has paralyzed large swaths of the American public – rural, urban and suburban. … Encouraging dependence upon government not only creates generations of helpless people; it inures them to government’s ineffectiveness.”

~ Laura Hollis


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Mike, Norwalk

This is so very VERY accurate on so many levels. The entrepreneur is all but lost to a working for someone else mentality. A hobby of mine is auto mechanics  NO one rebuilds or fixes anything anymore; just pull and replace. Everything is built with an obsolescence factor, complete with all the justification to go along with it. From the last depression, individuals got creative and built their way out of the financial and other woes. Today's mental requirement on OPM and the government/god is antithetical to solving problems.


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