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“Today government touches everything in America and harms almost everything it touches. Federal, state, and local governments together spend 42 out of every 100 dollars we earn. Those who do the taxing and spending have long since ceased to work for the people as a whole. Rather, they work for themselves and for their clients—the education industry, the welfare culture, public-employee unions, etc..”

~ Malcolm Wallop

February 21, 1995 at Hillsdale College’s Shavano Institute for National Leadership seminar “Taking on Big Government: Agenda for the 1990s,” in Dallas, Texas.

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Mike, Norwalk

Excellent start, its headed in the right direction. I believe the 42% is way low though. That's another reason to consider, people associated with government (employees, contractors, financial or welfare recipients, collectivists, etc.) shouldn't be able to vote. Their vested interest is a conflict of interest with their employers, the productive sovereigns of society. By way of example: those individuals that claim the right to work without having to pay (to a collective borg - just to work) can not do so, in large part, by the whim of those on government payroll. This injustice goes on even when the borg can maintain a presence by voluntary association.

J Carlton, Calgary

The first six words of this quote are demonstrative of fascism in America. And volumes could be written based on the entire quote. Our society is run by an entrenched bureaucracy and inneffective legislators mostly hiding behind closed doors. But I imagine all of that will be remedied by the New World Order Elitists. Or maybe they'll just try and kill most of us so they don't have to hide so much...

jim k, Austin,Tx

Bureaucrats are a lot like roaches, they get into and mess up everything they touch. If we had anything close to a Constitutional government, 99% of them would have to find honest work.

cal, lewisville, tx

If we had a truly Constitutional government then congress would be unable to exempt themselves from the laws they pass on our backs.

Carol, Georgia

The Federal government won't stop until the American people are totally enslaved. They won't stop until We stop them. That's what is going on in WI and other states as well as around the world, organized chaos to bring down freedom. Everyone needs to educate themselves and help educate their neighbors. Until the American people know what freedoms they have (and used to have) they will not understand what needs to be done to restore America to what the Founders gave us. Reagan said we are just one generation away from losing our freedom. Taxation is making slaves of us all.

Waffler, Smith

How blind can one man be? He obviously had never heard of corporate pollution, abuse of land, hiring of illegal aliens etc. Private citiszens and corporations have done all they can to enrich self and destroy this land. Thank God for our government oversight, such as it is, a tough act when you have so many obstructionists. Unfortunately due to lack of man power government generally has to be benign rather than proactive. And the polluters, criminal corporations, fraudsters can only be brought up short after the fact. Penalties and sentences on these clowns should be made stiffer and stiffer.

E Archer, NYC

Absolutely true. That's another reason why the American republican form of government was formed to LIMIT the power of government and DISTRIBUTE power among various branches that were to serve as checks upon the other. The centralization of power into the Executive has resulted in dozens of agencies that dictate to the rest of us like a monarchy -- we the people have never given those powers to the President. These agencies ultimately make regulations that favor the businesses from which the directors (czars) are hired. They help mega-corporations corner the market and often result in huge government contracts for these corporations. Imagine having the power to declare entire industries illegal or dictating everyone be injected with some drug and getting the exclusive contract for producing that drug -- well, that is happening all the time.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC E Archer, NYC 3/4/24

Hmm, not so hard to imagine now, eh? ;-)

Jon, Medina

Methinks Waffler, Smith needs to consider a few things....pollution; the air and cars are cleaner now than they have ever been in the last 60 years. Abuse of land; most farmers get more from less ground than ever, reforestation is done regularly, streams are cleaner than ever. Illegal aliens, the governement has NOT done its job in keeping the borders secure and the illegals from entering. What country to which are you referring, perhaps China??? Not the US of A for sure!

J Carlton, Calgary

Waffler is an old communist with old communist ideas. Things have changed old "spite" of the government...not "because" of it.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, you mean like the foreign Japanese beetle that devastated thousands of acres of indigenous California forests because government wouldn't allow the eradication of the plague. OR people going hungry while the government pays for 'not' growing food and stops food production for a various of reasons. OR, the government being the principle obstruction in producing sufficient power to avoid rolling blackouts or kicking America to its knees because of its dependence on foreign oil. (The US has the largest known oil reserves in the world right in the contiguous 48 States; add Alaska and the country could be the sole supplier to the world for centuries.

Roland, Bonner's Ferry

Its now $54 of the $100, but absolutely correct otherwise.

Robert, Somewhere in Europe

And today. the military machine and it's corporate associations take more than 50 cent of the dollar. Government today it utterly and totally corrupt with only a handful of exceptions. America today is slipping away very fast on all the indicators for a civilized country. And as for democracy in the western nations the US is at the bottom. It's unfortunate that America has never learnt a darn thing from history and still falls into the time old traps of unfettered capitalism - commercialism gone crazy. Corruption at every level of government and corporate boeard rooms. It's a real mess, and something drastic needs to happen before we can no longer stop the nation from free fall.....

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    3/31/16

Waffler has been in and out of "Alice's Looking Glass" so many times that he doesn't know which way is Up or Down let alone what true Liberty and Unalienable Rights mean.
We all wish that he finds and leaves for his Collective Socialist Utopia soon so that we would not have to any longer put up with his sorry crepe hanging delusional missives.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

We certainly need a broadening of personal and community perspective. We need to examine ourselves and discover our own individual shortcomings and quite blaming others. It's the system, not the individual.


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