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“When a government takes over a people’s economic life it becomes absolute, and when it has become absolute it destroys the arts, the minds, the liberties and the meaning of the people it governs.”

~ Maxwell Anderson

The Guaranteed Life

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Mark S., San Jose

Just a bunch of jibberish

DonRS, Boulder
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DonRS, Boulder Mark S., San Jose 3/12/19

Yes, the quote is a little too deep for a liberal to grasp!  Too many letters in the words!

Heretic, Sharon MA

Well said. Economic freedom is the root of all other forms of freedom, and always has been.

Suzanne P, Clarkston, MI

Anyone thinking of voting for Barack Obama needs to think about this quote

R Carroll, Phila

Good summary of Obamunism.

Mike, Norwalk

Governmentally induced larceny and enforced funny money are theft and slavery by any other name(s).

jim k, austin

Obamanism spelled out.

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Anon    11/10/08

Mike, Now you're touching on something most people don't want to talk about. They just brush over the funny money issue.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Jim, or you can say "Obamanation" spelled out... This quote is historically correct and in context; surely, we'll have a few naysayers who will be offended at how this quote may identify with our present situation as a country. Interesting article today, ... so much for the "transparency" of the Fed. $2 trillion? Ah, that's just pocket change! Just tack it onto the debt slavery that our children will have to pay off; Both the Republican and Democrat controlled Congress is severely guilty of overspending; when we start spending government money domestically to pay off these bad loans in the private/corporate world, we must realize that such "loans" come with certain socialistic strings attached (all in the name of "holding" these companies "feet to the fire").

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Unfortuanately totalitarianism knows no difference between right or left. Those who would try to take over and limit the freedom of a people in economics, arts, science, and just plain old liberty are everywhere. As for me I look forward to a rebirth of economic activity, art, and science under the erudite and equaniminous touch of Barack Obama and the irrepressible Joseph Biden. I stood ten feet from Joe in Ocala, Florida. As Phil Donahue said this AM just the smiles of these two will light up the nation and the world. Now they are talking about another liberal in the Cabinet Schwarzenegger himself, DYNAMITE!

Logan, Memphis, TN

Whoa, I bet you cracked a boner just by breathing the same air as "Joe" (if not just a little tickle); I look forward to seeing if everything Barack touches is really gold... Then again, that didn't really work for Midas now, did it? With how you talk about Barack, I'm surprised he doesn't have the power of impregnating women by his mere essence alone (all the talk of "rebirth", I'm guessing his man-ness is pretty fertile; I'm still looking for the lilies, sweet smelling grass, and abundant life to spring out from his every footstep); I guess we'll all wait and see just what the American Messiah can do. If he walks on water, I myself may just crack a boner...

E Archer, NYC

A sycophant will always justify giving up his independence and responsibilities for a savior, monarch, or Führer whether left or right. I guess as long as our handlers keep us smiling, bread and circuses will be all they really need provide. The difference between image and substance is the difference between reality and delusion. How's that phrase go? 'I have given up searching for truth, now I am just looking for a good fantasy.'

Logan, Memphis, TN

Just as a side note, it's good to see that the Obama camp is ready to "rule" the country (fun article from an interesting source):

E Archer, NYC

I see Waffler has become bedazzled in the Cult of Personality. Here is an excellent article about the pathological narcissism of the world's dictators to date -- Obama fits it to a tee: .
Yeah, he is ready to rule alright -- gulp. Never underestimate the gullibility of the American public.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

The only guys that give Logan a rise are the Founding Gods, I was not speaking for myself Logan but repeating what Phil Donohue said. Those who speak of cult of personality and can not stand for any critical reading of the history of the Founder Gods needs to go hunting and gathering I think.

Logan, Memphis, TN

There is no critical thinking on your part, Waffler. When you originally posted on this site, you were absolutely sure about what the founding fathers said because at that time, you thought, they were on your side of the argument (I'm still laughing at many threads of yours wherein you tried to convince the world of their philosophies; all without producing anything from what they actually said). Through this last year and a half, as you've continually been shown that your sophistry has no historical background beyond what you've fabricated out of thin air, you've suddenly become the great self-proclaimed "critically thinking free mind". Hogwash. When you found none of your ideologies matched with the founding of this nation, of course you'll turn to the only ledge possibly left for you: to turn on the founders. At least intelligent liberals will merely have a disagreement of opinion; you have continually sought to rewrite history according to your own meandering opinions! CONSTANTLY! I have yet to find a single instance wherein societal problems cannot be solved by adhering to our grand charter (The Constitution). "Founding Gods"? No, they were just men. But they had a life experience, ethic, education, and understanding that we could only hope for in modern-day politics. Men of principle, not men of infallibility. Men who understood what it takes to make a country great AND free! Men who rose above epochcentrism to understand the core ideas, laws, and philosophies that have transcended every nation, generation, society, and civilization. I have yet to see or hear of Obama swearing upon the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny that may exist upon the minds or hearts of men; but then again, he has never had to go through the life experience of fighting for and building a nation that Jefferson went through either -- and he never will. At best, I have only heard Obama spewing the same liberal bias; socialism wrapped in a neat blanket of necessary societal "change".

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

I am glad that you see my opinions as meandering. To me that is my success and the measure of my open mindedness. Not like the dogmatists and set in concrete agendas of the closed minded you see on this site. The critical thinking related to observing that Washington according to many historians married for money and his quote that "most men will give up virture in return for a bribe". I think that juxtaposition is very ironic and that I was pretty smart to catch it, thank you very much. Archer accused my critical thinking or analysis as being unpatriotic and said that I must admire Hitler more than Washington. I mean come on.

E Archer, NYC

I have never accused Waffler's 'critical thinking' -- there is nothing to accuse in that regard. I have, however, pointed out to Waffler upon many occasions wherein I described his political views as: socialistic, fascist, communistic, sycophantic, ignorant, collectivist, treasonous, and yes, even stupid. And, yes, I do consider him to be an enemy to Liberty and a traitor to his country. (But he's a really nice guy.)

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

What I have found on this site is generally what I perceive to be tax haters, die hard dogmatists, maybe anti-socialists, but definitely anti-social types, cop haters, firefighter haters etcetera. Closed minded people generally. I have thought of quitting these folk many times but remain as a public service to point out first of all their lies, illogical constructs and to counter their ill formed and ill conceived opinions. I don't consider hard headedness, pigheadness, lying or accepting of lies, insincerity of any kind as being a nice guy. Logan and Mike have on occasion modified there dogmatic mantra concerning "republic not a democracy" to at least accept that the "US is either a democracy or majority ruled society". For this tip of the hat to reasonableness I salute them but still feel I must be wary. Archer well he is beyond the pale. I have no agenda here except to be honest and to learn something where I can. A students thoughts and opinions should meander, it is the know it alls, the propagandists, the radicals, the would be dictators whose thoughts never deviate from their agenda.

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RBESRQ    11/13/08

Absolutes, and this is one of them, are not for this mortal world, and therefore I give this three

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    RBESRQ    11/13/08

    Go Obama and show these fascist's the true meaning of cooperation, compassion, and integrity.

    Burt, Germantown

    What does this have to do with banking?

    cal, lewisville, tx

    This they have accomplished with the Federal Reserve.


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