Miguel de Unamuno Quote

“Those who believe that they believe in God, but without passion in their hearts, without anguish in mind, without uncertainty, without doubt, without an element of despair even in their consolation, believe only in the God idea, not God Himself.”

~ Miguel de Unamuno

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Ronw13, Oregon

Perplexity, wavering resolve got the best of Unamuno, giving way for social liberalism, centrist-left polices in the West defeating the purpose of individual liberty and the right to prosper without oppression/plunder. A healthy community should never doubt the foundation of individual liberty. There is no place for doubt in a believing heart. 

Mike, Norwalk

I think within the scope of context, the overview is far more accurate and often than not; though, not particularly a good pictorial of my Father in Heaven which I relate to.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

Man made God and with time and education he will unmake him. When man reaches out and attains reality he will find no God.


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