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“Fundamental, Bible believing people do not have the right to indoctrinate their children in their religious beliefs because we, the state, are preparing them for the year 2000, when America will be part of a one-world global society and their children will not fit in.”

~ Peter Hoagland

speaking on radio in 1983 with the Everett Sileven

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Randy L. Kyle, Vacaville California

This is typical anti-American, "one-world" utopianism at its most blatant. When the "United Nothing" is able to clean out the 3rd world tyrants from among its ranks and the communo-fascist "pseudo-environmentalists", then maybe a dialogue of some kind can be reached. Until then, too many REAL Americans know about what you people are up to. Keep trying, but remember: "Don't Tread on Me" still lives among this free people.

Randy, Vacaville California 2

By the way...your precious "STATE" can pound sand. According to my founding documents, you work for me, NOT the other way around. The "state" reigns supreme only in communist countries. I (and maybe one or two others) will fight as did the founders, to stop any "state" from infringing on Americas "unalienable" rights.

john, akron

you suck

Jeff Salmans, Colorado Springs, Colorado

I love guys like this. It's like they sit around thinking, "I'm an idiot but I'm afraid no one will find out. What can I do to show them?"

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anonymous    7/18/06

I pity you

New Life, Anywhere

Obviously he has not read the end of the Book. If he had, he would realize that the attempts to gain a new world order will end rather poorly for his side. No offense, but it's just hogwash. They can try, but alas they will fail. Fire anyone?

marxbites, Jupiter

I applaud the battlers against, but we are already slaves indebted for generations - a debt so large there does not exist enough dollars to ever pay it off. It compounds daily, and like those inexperienced enough to max out their credit cards, who do not understand that making the minimum payment doesn't reduce the balance, we Americans have let govt, media and academe lead us to believe there's no worry, in fact they stymie the very debate of it. The Revolutionairies fought the King who had already sucumbed to the Rothschild banker's debt who financed 50yrs of his wars, and they well knew those loans were made only if the taxpayers were to be the guarantors. This was the real meat of the issue - they understood the King's predicament, as well as who was going to pay for it! But then these were the men that sacrificed all for liberty. It was the banker influenced "Federalists" who were no state's rights federalists at all. Hamilton and his banker puppeteers rather devised a constitution in secret for their own ends to power. A Constitution so permissive of power, directly opposed to the precepts of the Declaration, that de Toqueville said would it insure tyranny within 200 years. Another luminary said it was "all sail and no anchor". The majority of Americans were against it - only six signers of the Declaration would sign it. The Federalist elites switched their constitution of empowerment for the bait of OUR Declaration of Liberty. We were swindled from the very beginning, and what protections against power have been slowly, purposely, intergenerationally, eroded. We live the hugest lie in history - how can any man be free when the Govt steals half our production?

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

wow, that quote was crap...

Limey Fag Liberal, Londonistan ha ha ha.

You all are as insane as him. Nice apocolyptic fantasy language you all use. "He spelled apocalyptic wrong!!" Nutty people. Try getting your world view and information from more than one book you medieval backwards looking freaks. Apart from Marxbites of course. Well put.

Terry, Clearwater

One day you will know!

Anonymous, Morinville

Soooo, I've seen this quote all over the net on crazy people sites like this. Yet I can find absolutely NO other documentation for it. Why is that?

Amy, Lancaster, PA

The singular world government, under communism, despotism, fascism or whichever "ism' suffices is the enemy of the Kingdom of Heaven. It always has been and still is. The war in heaven is HERE and NOW over us-the people. All one has to do to be free is realize it and open their eyes. Seek the truth from wherever you can. it seems like we are enslaved to this enemy now but it wont be that way for long. This is told in many books from many cultures not just the Bible. Judgment is set for those wishing to revoke God given FREE WILL from their brothers

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CW    11/2/09
C Morgan, Greenville SC

What a blithering idiot.

Bill, YourTown USA

I can't find any credible evidence that this quote is true. I spent an hour on google searching for the origin of this quote and found none. Hoagland was a Army Officer, Vietnam Vet, Congressman and environmentalist. If anyone has a broadcast audio file of Hoagland saying this quote, please provide a link.

Michelle Kalhorn, Houston, TX

The State does not give you your rights (as much as it likes to think it does); therefore the State cannot take those rights away.

Someone, Somewhere

That was a total waste of my time...

Luke, o
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Luke, o    3/30/11

Even though this is an evil quote, it is at least waking the up "sheeple" to the truth of the new world order. Jesus is at the door, and He comes with great power and glory to judge the earth.

GSC, Reading

With gov't unveiling the Patriot Act and the NDAA which violate our 1rst, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th amendments which were thought to be God-given, unalienable "natural rights", one might think that more people would wake up. Something about giving them over to a reprobate mind seems to apply...


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