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“Indeed, the ABA [American Bar Association] is truly a creature of these post-modern times. Its governing members view the political sphere and judicial sphere as one in the same, and worship raw power as the ultimate and only currency in social transactions. The modern ABA thus has embraced an ideology that views the rule of law as a mere extension of politics, and in a self-fulfilling confirmation of that view, conflates law and politics with unashamedly liberal policy prescriptions.”

~ Ray Gifford

The ABA Strait-jacket, THE DEFENDER, October/November 1995.

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Mike, Norwalk

A good start.

Cal, lewisville, tx

Their motto seems to be, "Save Freedom-Stop Tort Reform." We have more lawyers in this nation alone than the whole rest of the world. They take care of their own kind. Our so called president is one of them.

J Carlton, Calgary

"America: A nation of laws, badly written and randomly enforced." ~ Frank Zappa

J Carlton, Calgary

We lost our Judiciary to political ambition a long time ago. We no longer have even the semblance of a "Justice System"

jim k, Austin, Tx

Virtually every person in the U.S. Congress is,or has been a lawyer. Does that explain why we are in the mess that we are in.

E Archer, NYC

The ABA is a private monopoly that has taken over every branch of government. "Lawmaking" is just another word for slave-making.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

The power and influence of legalists battens
on the mouldering frames of those who have abandoned Virtue and, by natural extension, Individual Sovereignty.

E Archer, NYC

The American Bar Association is pushing state and local governments to adopt firearm confiscation laws similar to those in California. During their 2017 Annual Meeting, the ABA House of Delegates adopted Resolution 118B, which urges governments to enact statutes, rules, or regulations authorizing courts to issue gun violence restraining orders, including ex parte orders.

If the legal fraternity actively undermines people's rights, who can be hired as a lawyer for the defense of those rights? This is fascism, pure and simple. Add the ABA to the long list of private corporations that have a monopoly on power. The Federal Reserve is another monopoly with the exclusive power to issue paper currency. Just as the Church placed itself between man and God, these private monopolies put themselves between us and our responsibilities, requiring their permission (and license) to act.

Unless there is a revolution among the licensed lawyers in this country, how can we ever return to the rule of law in accordance with Liberty?

Mr. Bag-o-beans, Middleburgh

To answer Ed Archers Question we can return to the rule of Law by Re-instating the Grand Jury of the People. It is almost impossible for a collection of the people who have no connection except to do the right thing to collude and violate the very people they are a group of. Their Motto should be "No man has the right to do Wrong". Read US v, Williams

Ronw13, Oregon

Newport Oregon, case in point at the local level. Gross misconduct. Compromising families and lives for the sake of profit and the farming of individuals. Plundering through perverted law. Unconstitutional overreach !!


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