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“The news is like a ship. If you take hands off the wheel, it pulls hard to the left.”

~ Roger Ailes

Fox News Is Dropping Its ‘Fair & Balanced’ Slogan, by Gabriel Sherman, New York Magazine, June 14, 2017

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Mike, Norwalk

(-; I guess it all depends on the immediate circumstances, at current, it doesn't just "pull hard" it "jerks hard" .

Ronw13, Oregon

Now concerning our Ship of State, in light of such a statement Master Builders are required in order to Restore our Popular Free Government, currently and openly under siege from such corruption and neglect as instilled by communist elements within that hard left. Divine Providence it seems favors Waking Up, We the People in order to MAGA. Semper Fi

Robert, Somewhere in the USA

That will be the day - hopefully, the word is not "Left" but "Progressive" and that I look forward too! though we all know that the deep state will never let that happen....

E Archer, NYC

The left is 'progressively' authoritarian. The 'deep state' are those that have become the authorities to whom we must pay our tribute for 'security.' The terms left and right are too vague to really make an argument for or against. If one talks about the left, it must be in relation to whatever is defined as 'right' or 'not left.'

Generally, those on the left and those on the right define personal responsibility differently. The left seem to count on an authority of some kind to manage/care for them, their creed being helplessness. The right seem to represent self-reliance, self-determination, independence, and voluntary charity, their creed being wholeness. But still the definition is lacking -- left and right are not necessarily opposites. A child is born a 'leftist' and grows into a 'rightist'. And the parent is an authoritarian during that phase, and later may be cared for by their self-sufficient children. I agree that love and compassion are essential to happy relations between all on their various journeys. The error is to impose laws/rules that command one to meet the standards of love and compassion (as if it could even be done). Again, it comes back to personal responsibility.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

The mass of the contemporary American journalist class is comprised of the carefully conditioned products of a heinous, relentless, regime of retrogressive, left wing, ideological indoctrination.
Having been shorn by menticide of their objectivity, of their native moral and philosophical moorings, they have become constitutionally incapable of rendering reality in the light of Reality.

Beria and Goebbels would be proud.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Patrick Henry, Red Hill 7/24/20

Love it! "shorn by menticide of their objectivity" !  I will have to start using "menticide" in daily discourse of progressive liberals.  ;-)

Harvey, Tunnel Hill, GA
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Harvey, Tunnel Hill, GA Patrick Henry, Red Hill 8/3/20

The mass of the contemporary American journalist class are not "journalists"  people who faithfully record events that have occurred. They are merely "novelists" or "fiction writers." 

I am told that a Chinese proverb says, "The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their correct names." I act accordingly. 

Robert, Somewhere in the USA

Archer, look up the history of the word and you will understand how the Left and the Right are defined. Those on the left represent the people (the workers and the artisans) and those of the right represent the aristocracy. Today propaganda and the misuse of the original definition have be bastardized - very much like the term Liberal has been bastardize. Liberals today are neocons, the same as the neocons on the right (the two parties have become one; Fascist). Which is why we are in a hopeless position/state. Yes, personal responsibility is paramount if society is to flourish, alas, an administration is required to govern the affaires of the state - this governance must be total subservient to the people and not the other way around. Progressive today means the Green Party as anyone in their right mind would neither call the democrats and the republicans progressive. Progressive means: the real left, the radical left; it means free healthcare for all, no more wars, no support of wars, public education for life, money out of politics, hand counted paper ballet's, term limits, close all foreign military bases, bring all our troops home, cut the military budget in half (or more), end the drug war, replace plastic with biodegradable hemp, no mandatory vaccinations, get rid of the CIA and the NSA and all the other 16 secret organization, get rid of the federal Reserve and putting the money back into the hands treasury, zero bailouts for banks, no giant monopolies and a lot more - that would make a very good start. I doubt very much if the above gets any sympathy from those on this blog which is why I normally stay away from commenting.

Robert, Somewhere in the USA

Patrick, I really must correct you. The very last thing the journalist class can be called is LEFT (it use to be liberal but that term too has been bastardized to the max)- Journalism today is so far right it falls over itself doing what they are told to do. MSM is owned by a very few giant corporations and they in tern with the MIC tell MSM what to print and say. Yes, Goebbels and Bernays would be proud of our fascist state.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Robert: From the perspective of the common man, how do fascism and Communism practically differ from each other? Were Hitler's National Socialists fascists? Were the Soviet Union of Stalin or the China of Mao less sanguinary, less oppressive, than was Hitler's National Socialist Germany? The problem remains one of subjectivity to absolutist ideology, of allegiance to partisanship rather than to immutable, rooted in Reality, principles.
By implication, you are contending that the doyens of the American academy are exponents of fascism. Is that your contention?
In actuality, this nation's academic institutions, prominent among which, schools of journalism, have been, now for decades, seats of psycho-political indoctrination/warfare, under the stewardship of teachers and professors who are steeped in Fabian/Gramscian ideology.

Ideological labels aside, totalitarians and authoritarians shall be known by their fetid fruits.

E Archer, NYC

Robert, I agree with the many things that need to happen, just disagree on how we could get there. You are in actuality speaking of the Christian way, these ideals are not new or 'progressive,' and they have stood the test of time. I don't know how all those free services you propose will be delivered unless people agree to deliver them. It still sounds like social engineering instead of simply the protocols of a prospering community of people living in harmony -- it does happen without outside intervention. In fact, I will go so far as to say that the world works because people act independently, following their own consciences and impulses. The real 'progress' is in one's self-realization, from which an holistic view and approach naturally serves one another. Our 'cups overflowing' is a philosophical understanding of life itself. I could never understand how an atheist didn't understand what it means to be thankful for this life. "Thankful to whom, for what?" The 'One' for 'it all.' ;-)

E Archer, NYC

One more thing, Robert. It was due to 'progressive' policies that the Federal Reserve was created, as well as the income tax to back it up. It turns out that Federal Reserve Notes are not backed by nothing -- they are 'secured' by the labors of the people which will be taxed to pay the interest guaranteed to the Fed. From this Monopoly money game, socialism/fascism (both on the left, mind you) took hold in the US. Ever since, the war/welfare/police state has been built up to make the bank the ruler of all. Progressivism cannot be fixed, its purpose is to gradually consume all, to own all, to control all, for the betterment of all.

You call for the end of monopolies, but propose health care for all -- run by whom? Paid for by whom? Decided by whom? An 'administrator'? Do not people self-organize? You say, "end all wars" -- I guess if you stop defending yourself, war would end, as would your liberty or life. Be glad you personally are not on a front-line right now -- can you really tell someone fighting for their life to stop? Good intentions without an actual process is simply a good prayer -- it still leaves the responsibility to someone else. Take responsibility for the wars you wish to stop -- there is no other way. The wars that have stopped were stopped by those that took responsibility for stopping them. Are you that guy? Why not?

If peace were simple, it would have happened long ago. Progressivism has not stopped one war, but it has financed a whole lot of them.


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