Sinclair LewisSinclair Lewis, (1885-1951) American novelist, short-story writer, playwright, Nobel Prize in Literature (1930)

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“Fascism will come wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible.”

Sinclair LewisSinclair Lewis
~ Sinclair Lewis

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John L. Mann, Kalamazoo

Sinclair's succinctly described model of Fascism was in full bloom last weekend -- on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Fools 'Rush' in, to "Hail Beck..."

J Carlton, Calgary

Or in this day and age... wearing a hopey / changey button and carrying a Quran...

LovetheUS, Overtaxed, Ct

Sinclair is known for his criticisms of American culture and capitalism. Both of which are SUPPORTED by Beck and many other Americans...and of which the left and Obama can not be more scornful. Before you go agreeing with a quote check the source.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

LovetheUS shows that the Lewis quote has come true...

Mike, Norwalk

I think if the word, 'bible' is here broken down to its Latin root (library) the quote on its face takes on a greater depth of accuracy. There are those neo-cons that dress themselves in the Christian Bible, Muslims in the Koran (library of sharia law), etc. all waving a flag while forcing their fascist style of socialism on those that would be free. Socialism's other end, that of communism and progressivism wrap themselves in a flag and force their religious library (cannons of the statist theocracy) on all those that would be free. The founder's representative republic, set apart by the Constitution identified Laws of Nature and of Natures God concerning a secular scope of life, liberty an property, openly rejected socialism with its religious neo-cons / progressives, and fascists / communists.

Waffler, Smith

There is nothing more fascist than religious zealots of all religions. Beck's foray to Washington was strange indeed. Non political? but based on his opinion that American Honor needs to be restored. I don't think he is correct in that.

jim k, Austin,Tx

Well said, J Carlton.

E Archer, NYC

As Mike has alluded, I think Sinclair was appropriately general -- 'a' flag and 'a' bible, which can be any one's flag and any religion's 'bible.' That is because the work has already been done -- people have already been indoctrinated in patriotism to their country and obedience to their religion -- all you have to do to pick up supporters is to say you are 'one of them.' Lazy! But people that are well conditioned by their state and church do not have to think very much about the issues. No need for debate or reasoning if simply we are following the 'book.' The right has always needed to wrap itself in the flag and bible -- and of course there are enough people left out to form the left which has their own form of worship of the state -- Obama is the 'messiah,' right? But what is the religion? There isn't one other than HIM. SO both sides do the same thing. It would be nice to hear more substance in gatherings on the Mall that appeal to reason and conscience without having to wrap oneself in flag and bible. It turns too many reasonable people away with NO party to represent them. How about returning to lawful Constitutional government?!! "Let my people go!" ;-)

E Archer, NYC

I think you could also say, "The devil will come wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible." As George Carlin said, "The flag is just a symbol, and I leave symbols to the simple-minded." Be skeptical of any and all who use such symbols to rally support. And claiming God to be on your side has been the claim of many, many tyrants, monarchs, pharaohs, emperors, dictators, etc.. WE are responsible, and WE must get oursleves out of this despotism -- remember, the other guys say God is on their side, too, and they let WAR determine who God prefers... sounds more like the devil to me...

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    D, EP    8/31/10

    or a Koran, Torah...wolves in sheeps clothing

    Johann Hollar, Saint Paul, MN

    I can believe that.

    Ken, Allyn, WA

    Well, I suppose you should expect hatred of patriotism and religion from an early 20th century Progressive Fascist. What better way to divert attention from your own totalitarian tendencies than to project them onto the enemies that stand in your way of subjugating the individual and elevating the State. It's a classic tactic and one we still see almost everyday by the left. In fact Fascism will come wrapped in the guise of benevolence and caring for the poor and downtrodden, using the power of the State to redistribute wealth and to nationalize industry, banking, and health care for the good of the people. Sound familiar?

    Waffler, Smith

    Where for example was the Tea Party six months before Obama got elected. I attended a "rally" last night. A friend described them as simply the resurrected "KKK".

    Renegade, Lansing, MI

    True, concise and easy to remember....Brilliant !

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    grace    9/3/10

    I don't think this holds true any more... it refers to the concept of fascism and socialism being on opposite ends of the spectrum, when in fact they both share absolute governmental control in common. These days both socialism and fascism are coming wrapped in "reason" and giving lip service to "tolerance" and "equality."

    Michael, Coqitlam, BC

    One does not have to look further than Roy Moore in the recent Alabama Special Election. The country's founders made it a secular state for this exact reason.


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