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“I am beginning to realize that "sanity" is no longer a value or an end in itself. If modern people were a little less sane, a little more doubtful, a little more aware of their absurdities and contradictions, perhaps there might be the possibility of their survival.”

~ Thomas Merton

his book, Peacemaking Day by Day

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Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Yup, we are not a very self-aware bunch... and we would benefit from being more so.

John-Douglas, Nassau

There is no better cure for most of out ills and problems than some thorough and careful introspection of ourselves as individuals.

Lynn, Bozeman, MT

This doesn't make sense. Being "little less sane" and "a little more aware" are mutually exclusive. Our problems today are caused by people lacking pragmatic judgement and who are generally a little insane and therefore unable to face reality.

Susi, Jeffersonville

He's already put "sanity" in quotes. Being aware is completely accepting reality regardless of whether or not you like it. I think the sanity to which he refers is that concrete belief that you know what's best often based on what someone else has written or told you. Awareness is trusting your own experience.


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