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“One of the most pathetic — and dangerous — signs of our times is the growing number of individuals and groups who believe that no one can possibly disagree with them for any honest reason.”

Thomas SowellThomas Sowell
~ Thomas Sowell

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Mike, Norwalk

So very, VERY sad  but true. Try speaking about rights, liberty and the laws of nature.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

Why does Mr. Sowell have this disposition? Why can't individuals disagree with him?
I wish he wasn't so pathetic and dangerous.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown 8/3/22

(-; The only reason Sowell is so pathetic and dangerous to socialists, the narcissistic and the mentally ill is the "truth" and nature's law remains constant.

Sillik, your knee-jerk reaction totally missed what Sowell said. Sowell was relaying an accurate observation of the signs of our times. The growing number of individuals and groups (socialists, the theocratically Woke, those that are incapable of conceptualizing that which is the most noble of the specie, narcissistic people and the mentally ill / deficient) who believe that no one can possibly disagree with them for any honest reason.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown
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Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown Mike, Norwalk 8/6/22

Mike Norwalk: With all that said, Why would you say Mr Sowell is not demonstrating the characteristics of  projection, projecting his own perspective on the world at large.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown 8/10/22

Umm, because Sowell is the one being censored and cancelled for speaking, not the other way around. 

He is absolutely right.  'The Science' may not be questioned  even by scientists.  There is no more Science, it is all settled.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown
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Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown E Archer, NYC 8/10/22

Mr Archer: Who is an individual or group that believe that Mr Sowell can't disagree with them, even on the grounds of an honest proven point by Mr Sowell presented to their contrary notions?  Who? Who? Who the hell is he specifically referring to?

Denise, Durango

Having listened to a few of Thomas Sowell's discourses and read many of his writings....would that those in government had half his intelligence and insight...let alone his honesty.
Sadly all but a precious few are in it for the money, so how do over half the "representatives" in congress become multi-millionaires on their supposed salaries? One might reason that "selling out America" is indeed lucrative? IE: many years ago during the 60's some of those in "government"  made some juicy deals with China, Mexico, Viet Nam (that was the one that really hit)...GM full of Mexican parts, others full of Chinese parts, cheap junk from China in Wal-Mart etc. Clothing from Korea.
It seems one of the few auto makers building new factories in America is Toyota...imagine that. Those we fought in WW2 are putting Americans to work in American factories.
America once upon a time was the industrial capitol of the world. Detroit, now little more than a slum, was the shining jewel of industry...

E Archer, NYC

I have never read a word of Thomas Sowell that I did not agree with whole-heartedly.  The left can't stand him  he often reaches black people who make the shift from being a victim in life to taking hold of the reins.  Giddyap!


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