U.S. Constitution, Ninth Amendment Quote

“The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

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Logan, Memphis, TN

It's like poetry to the soul. Who needs penumbra or hybrid rights, when we have the 9th and 10th Amendments.

jim k, austin

Nowadays it's the Constitution according to Pelosi, Reed, Barney,and the rest of the misfits.

Mike, Norwalk

Ahh yes, that founding concept that all rights are from God and inalienable, and how the statist theocracy that now infests this land works so diligently to destroy.

Waffler, Smith

Could someone state some of the rights that are not disparaged or denied and are or should be retained by the people? Some citizens of the world think the US is a very free and open society, why do some Americans feel the opposite way?

Your Sister, MSU

It was your worshiped President "Bush"who called the Constitution "just a piece of paper". Don't blame Pelosi, Reed, Barney and other "misfits" who love to bash and blame, joke and cajole, but have nothing constructive to add. Sounds like the Party that doesn't want to accept responsibility for the mess we are in. This site should be renamed "The Rights the Way, Amen".

E Archer, NYC

Hey, Waffler, the powers of the government are specific, limited, and enumerated. The rights (not powers) of the People are various, unlimited as long as they do not violate the rights of another, and innumerable. If the Constitution attempted to define what all our other rights are, then it could be construed that these were the only rights the People had. We have a right to refuse to rob our fellow citizens through 'progressive' taxation, We have a right to our property free and clear of liens and encumbrances. We have the right to put whatever we want into our bodies. We have the right to speak out against rogue government. We have the right, or should I say, we have no obligation to follow unconsitutional commands from the government. We have a right to fart and exhale without paying a tax. Hmm, shall I go on? It doesn't end. Our rights are meaningless if we do not in the same breath acknowledge that we have RESPONSIBILITIES -- not to the state as some would assert, but for our actions. We are responsible for what we think, say, and do -- and to bear the consequences good or bad. Somehow, Waffler seems to be under the assumption that we only have the right to do something if the government gives us permission to do so. Ptooey!

Mike, Norwalk

Your Sister, you won't find many Bush fans or those on the right here that support the constitution. While the left and right, fairly accurately declare each others faults, none support the freedom and liberty that was to be guaranteed by the Constitution. Your Obomunist is not only accelerating the destruction Bush started, he's adding his own dooms day features, unheard of and incomprehensible by any predecessor in the destruction of this nation.

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Anon    3/23/10

We hold this truth to be self evident.

Ronw13, OR
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    Ronw13, OR    3/30/18

    The right to "know" Ginosko, liberty and Freedom, its origins, the fullest extent of its Powers, and, that which is to govern those that would oppress and plunder, We the People At Liberty, the Individual sovereign. Well numbered are these Rights ordained by our Creator, in Word and Number, harmonizing throughout all of God's nature, Spiritual and Physical realms agreeing as one.
    The right of access to His understanding, of His codifications, and self declarations, made evident before all nations. That which has afforded America by way of our Creator's projected Power of Sovereignty, Liberty governed by his natural laws of Morality. The Spirit of Truth and Liberty bearing witness with our spirit that We the People have favor with God. the opportunity to be Great and kind, as also the opportunity to Restore, Make America Great Again for His purpose in grace. The "right" to ascribe righteousness to our Creator, our God.
    God Bless and Semper Fi

    Mike, Norwalk

    Waffler, each and every, any and all rights are more than just retained, they are inalienably inherent in each individual as a faculty of birth / existence. Government has no rights but, duties only. It does NOT ! ! ! matter what people of the world think about freedom or what an open society is - man, with inalienably inherent right(s) "IS' or is not. Waffler, you can answer your question for yourself. Read the Constitution. If the Constitution does not mention or specifically authorize an action AND, the federal government is acting without such mention or authorization, affecting at least one person - you have identified a list that includes right(s) disparaged.

    Ronw13, OR

    We the People have in Contract A key of "code", This allows Power of Contact with said Creator. There is no mistake to this fact. Otherwise our founding fathers would have Never been so Bold to Speak out Freely with a Deep convictions of said FACTS.
    The fact that public sentiment could rise with misunderstood information is ignorance with knowledge. " Man is brutish with knowledge." The awakening of the Spirit, is to answering of questions, Who, what, where, when, how, why and to What degree. There are only seven notes in the scale. To understand our 9th amendment is only to understand our Blessings and Covenant Well numerated, this through out nature. Ask mother for a little commonsense. " The moon and the stars to rule the night : For his mercy endureth forever." Psalm 136:9. "mercy and truth have met and kissed" long ago. for our admonition and learning, making America wise unto salvation from oppression.

    Durham, Birmingham,AL

    This Amendment also provides that citizens can bear arms regardless of what a militia is.

    Mark W, Aurora, CO

    I am sick and tired of democrat lefties electing themselves to suspend Liberty and arbitrate govt tyranny over the sovereign.

    When one reads many such defining tenets of Our Founding (aka Our Constitution), it rapidly becomes apparent today's lefty has no standing in Liberty, nor anywhere within Constitutional America. The lefty seeks to supplant Liberty with govt fascism for all.

    GOD SAVE US from the crooked lefty democrats voting-away Our Liberty in America!


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