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Mark W, Aurora, COMark W, Aurora, CO
Mark W, Aurora, CO

Liberate America,
SHUT-DOWN THE D.C. SWAMP, already!!!

Mark W, Aurora, CO

SCOTUS calls Bammycare a "tax".


...that's what I think

Mark W, Aurora, CO

Sorta like how BUNDY'S SUPPORTERS brought their guns rallying to his aid against the lawless tyrannic federal bastards, and ran that gauntlet IN THEIR FACES.

Mark W, Aurora, CO

Succinct proof that brainwashed lefty is a GMO mutant of Nature.

Mark W, Aurora, CO

somewhere robert:
Has not societal progress has always had this effect, of displacing the unprepared and overwhelming the unevolved? You see this as a crime, but I would rather case-by-case assign individual judgement in each perceived transgression. Much of Manifest Destiny was driven by recent pestilence which compelled U.S. to flood westward to further establish and realise the amazing agricultural returns of this rich land, there were some very hard times when most of the planet was starving after crops failed during The Year Without Summer, in 1814 if I recall properly, along with other extended bad harvests around those days in many places.

Locke's statement is not backed by modern Law Enforcement, but I thoroughly agree with his point.

Mark W, Aurora, CO

Swingset on WH lawn, what a lovely and most overdue addition!! Hopefully We can RSVP to some retired traitors Bushes, Clintons, and Hussein-Obama for the ribbon-cutting cermony, I have special custom neckties designed for all of them.

Publius - America is populace of half-polite/half-dumbed-down civilised folk; We have been beaten into passive submission by an endless stream of statist examples of what TPTB do to Patriotc sovereigns daring to stick heads up and properly hold the line agin thugs. THIRD SENTENCE I believe describes this effect without properly enumerating and attributing its causes, this quote works great when massaged as Norwalk Mike has.

Waffler and his Hollyweird ed-u-ma-cation, that was RICH, J Carlton -- rof, lol!! Waffler inconveniently overlooks thr fact how Bammy and libtarded politics have returned lawful America to a wild lawless west scenario - allow rapists and murderers to run rampant with relative impunity, remove the father from welfare homes, use Orwellian propaganda to convince delinquent democrat dupes that Hillary is their peachy savior -- this is the outcome We get.

I must confess, were I to witness murder or rape, I feel compelled to dish immediate justice as it was accomplished in days of yore - as my civic duty to eliminate the sociatal threat as well as save Us from the outlandish expense of housing, feeding, and bringing these scum to trial!


Mark W, Aurora, CO

Waffler, your land is the swamp, look how that has turned out - or, perhaps you love it?

Libtard is happy, when govt rules and everyone follows.

USA has devolved into nation of disparate teat-suckers, thanks to FDR's socialism + LBJ's welfare lives matters.

America now wrestles with despotic tentacles strangling Liberty from District of Criminals; Patriots are cheering for MAGA whilst waffling lefties pine for absolute federal authority.

Might as well face it, Wafflers:
you'll forever be miserable living in Land of Free, Our Constitution was never meant for Sheeple cowtowing to govt masters. Liberty is utterly lost on social fascists, I suggest relocating to some placid EU social utopia - as long as you're comfortable with giving up your nagging Liberty.

Mark W, Aurora, CO

Aw, c'mon, Waff...
You twisted lefties could suss, if you wanted; funny, how lefty on one hand brags of esteem attained by higher education, then wants to cry, "illiteracy" when confronted with unusual Patriotic lexicon - AS THOUGH OUR CONSTITUTION IS GREEK TO YOU, which I lament - it is, to anti-American dems clamouring for social fascism.


Mark W, Aurora, CO

The anti-American govt-as-god lefties here are making me wretch.

Democrat fools could be America's undoing;
would they even be happy then? I think We all know the answer to that.

Govt-owned guns are far more often a source of needless injury than those held in responsible private hands. Amateurish Colonial Militia won America's Liberty, did it not? Our Constitution and Natural Law are no longer tolerable by the losing globalist tyrants, now that they're exposed by altenate media and pursued by Trump. Guns worked to dispatch tyranny in 1776, and they will suit Our needs today if TPTB cannot be routed any other way.

Mark W, Aurora, CO

WOW, what an awesome quote!!
NO WONDER TPTB must ban and ridicule all such tremendously powerful sovereign Founding intent/content - if they taught this stuff, We'd MAGA so much quicker!

Milly Willy and Nick been swilling slave master propaganda, they would rather submit to govt than live as responsible free sovereigns.

Milly Willy IGNORES fact that Jefferson's guns eventually won emancipation for slaves; apparently Mick's mind was DESTROYED by weak limp-wristed federal Dept of Ed-u-ma-cation curriculum which was long on subjugation and short on history.

Ghastly, to witness down-votes for INDEPENDENCE

Mark W, Aurora, CO

Thoughts of random police brutality come to mind here. Hussein-Obama worked behind the scenes to militarise cops and issued them training with brutal tactics - then when on-stage he lambasted Law Enforcement Officers, belittled their dignity and authority, then effectively painted a carnival bulls-eye target on them all. When the majority of Good Cops turn a blind eye to the brutality of their minority fellows, We get a situation where society takes license to despise the badge just because it's trashed and tarnished - this puts the bad cops and the entire PD on the same team as the tyrants, in We People's eyes.

Mark W, Aurora, CO

Sam Adams never foresaw Our libtards.
Democrats are apparently aliens of Liberty,
do they not volunteer for slavery - and intend for Us to relinquish Ours as well?

Mark W, Aurora, CO

5 stars for defining doomsday properly, in the case We need arms to settle this tyranny; however with Orange Sunrise We now get a temporary ally and stay of armed rebellion, hopefully.

Our worst mistake was allowing voters to tinker with laws proposed by corrupt legislators and rammed-through by traitorous courts and executives;

Mark W, Aurora, CO

the libtards groan, "WHAT LIBERTIES have you lost???"

I am afraid there is little hope of deprogramming these backward lefties, they obviously will never be satisfied as long as there exists a sovereign spirit intending to live free from the encumbrance of their nannystate


Mark W, Aurora, CO

another basic American Truth which lefties decry

Federalist Paper 46 by Madison should be mandatory knowledge for all Constitutionalists, it explains simply and logically how an armed militia will always far outnumber any standing army here

Section 2 of Militia Act of 1792 spells Trump's federal authority now commanded agin the scofflaws operating California's lawless sanctuary

Waffler, this country is for Liberty lovers ONLY; I think you and your fellow self-loathing democrats need to find a more suitable relocation, in line with your despotic/Sheeplish nature; sad to note that Liberty is not suitable for all - not by a longshot, to which you are a constant and grim testament

Mark W, Aurora, CO

To update this apt quote from The Great Communicator, thoday's dems might say:

Govt exists to protect us from the producers outpacing the takers. Our Constitution has placed far too many limits on the boundaries of Our taxation.

Mark W, Aurora, CO

Thanks to E Archer and Mike for your eloquence!
I would LOVE to see Waffler voted out, but PLEASE DO NOT DO IT!! Despicable though Wafflers may be, it's a steeling stench that wafts from the posts of decrepit socialists bent upon "little D-democracy for all". I posit that Waffler's toxic viewpoint serves here as wonderful fertilizer for Patriots, and I'll bet Waffler never knew what a BOOST toward that direction he could provide, lol.

Mark W, Aurora, CO

it always cracks me up, when some whiz-kid deigns to define what 1st/Free Speech supposedly means, and what it supposedly does not

OF COURSE the Founders wanted free expression; dancing/bloodsport being common topics throughout the ages, naturally Our Founders would want them and their discussion protected, I thought that was a given??

Will does not even mention any essence of journalism, which is the Liberty to publish independent Truth toxic to TPTB.

Liberty Quotes goes bi-polar,
this quote is pretty weak and useless.

Mark W, Aurora, CO

Waffler makes a great living testament to the unerring wisdom of Founders, that is is ESSENTIAL We retain Our arms in order to defend Our security and Liberty from the collectivist democrats whom prefer to hand everyone's sovereignty to their statist masters - BULLOCKS. Waffler, I am still awaiting any sign you are in any way a Constitutional Liberty-loving Patriot at heart?!? It seems doubly quizzical, when you lefties feign irksome ire at being accused of actually being ANTI-American, when as yet none have lately answered my queries about exactly what traditional American values you uphold.

Ghastly foreboding - so many dems ready to "turn em all in"! Dems, more interested in achieving totalitarian authoritarian govt, than they are in recalling the millions of deaths it is responsible for over the millennia -- IF ONLY WE LET HILLARY TRY IT JUST ONE MORE TIME...

MSM and lefty academia have created millions of duped Sheeple, ready for NWO tyranny, aka, democrat platform. PS - GOP is a p.o.j., in cahoots w/dems.

Mark W, Aurora, CO

Colorado is pretty good on gun rights, but the newer magazine restriction stinks, We are a hapless example of robed despots nibbling-away at that they perceive to be lightly-weighted extraneous pseudo-rights - funny how these hair-splitters overlook the idea of Founders that they stay the flunk out of Our Liberty -- and the picking of its nits even more!


Mark W, Aurora, CO

I am sick and tired of democrat lefties electing themselves to suspend Liberty and arbitrate govt tyranny over the sovereign.

When one reads many such defining tenets of Our Founding (aka Our Constitution), it rapidly becomes apparent today's lefty has no standing in Liberty, nor anywhere within Constitutional America. The lefty seeks to supplant Liberty with govt fascism for all.

GOD SAVE US from the crooked lefty democrats voting-away Our Liberty in America!

Mark W, Aurora, CO

dissolve the UN
custom necktie for the islamic Peace Prize "King" Barry

Mark W, Aurora, CO

We need to honor Jefferson & Founders by overthrowing Our rotten corrupt antiConstitutional criminal govt!
I try to love my fellow common man, and that usually includes the looney-lefties; however Waffler, I wish you would take a flying leap sometimes and I am glad you are not my neighbor, your negative naysaying drivel belies your contempt for contentedness, and I accuse that outs you as a lefty at heart!
Mike - as always THANK YOU for your excellent top-drawer mini-briefs!! Almost makes Waffling insults bearable, when your superior wit pops squishy balloons; he makes a mess here but I don't mind mopping-up so much after your chuckles.
E Archer, THANK YOU for your consistently excellent posts, this one is definitely one of your very best!!
J.B. Wulff, you sound young, and likely ill-educated by modern globalist academia? Jefferson, and Founders & their fruits apparently were far too great and are above your comprehensional ability to realise their greatness. Jefferson's words are 100% applicable today, yet here you attack with irreverence and ad hominem, apparently academia have succeeded in not only not teaching you Our attributes, but here you are lampooning Our Fathers, darn it.


Mark W, Aurora, CO

Waffler, thank you for continually providing an excellent example of Our typical crooked anti-American fascist - aka, democrat plantation - viewpoint. You make the perfect atrocious argument for yourself and all your likewise voluntarily-enslaved devotees to The State, which in your despotic dreams must succeed the individual sovereign - for the betterment of all, of course... As long as your "democrat" govt calls all the shots, you'll see everyone as happy, wontcha? You better start boning-up now, because you are gonna need a bunch more heavyweight ammo on this post after 8 November!

Archer, Mike, Dan -- THANK YOU & KEEP UP THE GREAT VIGILANT WORK!! Who knows, perhaps the more of your input Waffler reads, the more his chances of recoginsing his own wayward shepherd-seeking folly may someday start dawning on him.

Mark W, Aurora, CO

This quote embodies all that's great about conservative Christians, and it illustrates all the deficiencies in the crooked anti-American lefty platform as practiced by the democrat plantation today. Our greatest threat to social harmony is, crooked lefties wanting to GRAB everything earned by an upstanding emancipated sovereign, and squander Our fruits on a permanent underclass and its attendant teat-keeper elites. Their spiteful lefty paradigm cannot exist where upstanding sovereigns lead the way to universal prosperity, when all are expected to contribute to the best of their ability, there vanishes the provision for eternal largesse for the parasites and tyrants, upon which they feed.


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