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“A man without religion is like a fish without a bicycle.”

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brad, mo
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brad, mo    10/17/09

love the quote

Mike, Norwalk

I smile at all the fish without a bicycle jokes.

Waffler, Smith

Bass in my lake love bicycles that are thrown into the water. Gives them great cover and the fishermen get all hung up on the spokes and stuff.

Mike, Norwalk

(-: Waffler, thats good, I like it ;-)

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

Religion is about community, and it is one of the things that define human as human... and, as Waffler so aptly points out, while fish don't ride bikes, they can greatly benefit from them (i.e. organized big tent religion is the source of much unneeded evil, but congregationally driven local religion is both valuable and can be positive). So, it appears that both are necessary and dispite the implied assumption that they are not... ;-)

jim k, Austin

Happy New Year to all .

cal, lewisville, tx

Religion without morals is even worse.

E Archer, NYC

I'm with Reston on this one. Funny though!

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RBESRQ    12/29/09

A man without religion is free. RBE

EdNoisin, Earth, Planet

Indeed, "a man without religion is like a fish without a bicycle," but also like another man without a bicycle; All are dependent upon THE CREATOR to experience religion and/or the bicycle. This the Greater Law known as TORAH; Be Blessed, Peace and Shalom,

Wendell, Layton, UT

What in the hell does this have to do with liberty?

warren, olathe

A quote that does not mean a thing and can be interpreted to mean anything you like.

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Anon    1/2/10

So if a fish has no need for a bicycle a man has no need for religion? That is pretty much hard to understand because what a man believes, even if he believes in no religion thus no god, is still praticing his religion (belief), and if fanatical about his non belief, is the same boat those who believe in a god are in. A man who says there is no god and that religion is a threat to the world, very simply, practices or promotes his belief, thus his religion. I laugh when anybody says he doesn't have a religion and yet propagandizes his belief when ever he opens his mouth of what he believes in.

s, kisl
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s, kisl    1/9/10
Anonymous, Copenhagen

Even something as clear as this can be muddled by the religious.

Alpha, Texas

Vique's Law is a simile that makes a point: A person has little need for a religion. As a corollary of Murphy’s Law, it is intended to be satirical, but with a grain of truth. Posters are wrong when they say that every person has beliefs, therefore also a religion. The two differ. Religion certainly includes beliefs, or a chosen philosophy; but it is a ritualized expression thereof, and is always shared with others of similar persuasion. So anyone who holds life-guiding beliefs -- perhaps morality, human essence, discipline, deity -- may be served by those qualities without sharing or ritualizing them.

Mike Dean, London, UK

If man still had no understanding of the weather and what causes extreme weather events that destroys, or encouraged our crops, we might still have a call for religion. It must have been frightening to feel that crops were at the mercy of the elements. Before understanding of the inevitability (so far!) of death, the same must have applied to that. Now that most of that ignorance is behind us, we would be well advised to think for ourselves in navigating our future, rather than relying on a god or gods to do it for us.

Qvintus, Uppsala

An analytic philosopher would probably ask: what do we mean by "religion"? Another version of the quote reads "Man needs God like a fish needs a bicycle." Obviously, it is an Atheist saying, declaring the uselessness of god/religion, and a preference of freedom from religion. So, I guess the issue is whether none or some of us need any all-explaining beliefs without evidence (or illusions of understanding about the unknowable)? In other words: Some are fish without bikes, and some are fish who get caught in the net of apostles/prophets et alia. And Murphy's Law would probably state that there are gods who need fish who need bicycles for religious purposes, even if nobody believes it.

Mike G., Minnesota, USA

Religion is in no way human. It's unnecessary and anything that people think religion is needed for, can be done without it. Also, not believing in a "god" is in no way a belief or religion. It's not believing in something that has never been proven. Religion is useless.

Big Bear, Salem, NH

A man without faith is a man without HOPE


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