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Anonymous, Pensacola FL

Jaems, of South Bend, IN, and James, of North Bend, IN, contradicting each other?? Odd, that...am I the only person who thinks that odd?
Very strange...

Anonymous, Pensacola FL

Sounds to me like, yes, Spangler may well have spoken the quote attributed to him that cannot be sourced.
This quote from his book basically says as much. And if he spoke the quote, about everyone being required to take an oath to Lucifer, Spangler is simply speaking the truth - because taking an oath to worship Lucifer is PRECISELY what the NWO will require of all citizens of this planet, and those who refuse will be put to death. This has been made abundantly clear through MANY sources...including that of Biblical prophecy.
NWO advocates are PROUD of their manifesto, their goals, their NWO and what it means. They are PROUD of their idea to reduce Earth's population to a fraction of its current - their intent to slaughter billions - they are PROUD of their plans to control every single person and force general population into a total Lucifer/Satan worshipping mass of abject slaves.
I am quite sure Spangler is proud of his book and its proclamations.

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