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Ben Hochstatter, DavenportBen Hochstatter, Davenport
Ben Hochstatter, Davenport

In a society that is making slaves of it's population through entitlements, expanding and uncontrolable socialistic welfare grants, and litigation that denies any sense of responsibility, is it any wonder that meaning of this communication is lost on many citizens of the United States of America. We have lost our tolerance for one another. We have buried our willingness to 'compromise' on the miniscule and acceed to placing blame on others for the inertia in our own lives. We should not be surprised that individuals walk into a classroom where knowledge and diversity should exist, and express their individual anger for some perceived injury but taking the lives of others. We need to seek understanding and mutually beneficial solutions, the fundamental message of this communication. It is excellent in its attempt to shed light on how to build a healthy society.

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