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Clem, DetroitClem, Detroit
Clem, Detroit

I have been smokin' maryjane since I was 14 and I'm now 40. I graduated from the 12th grade, I don't have a criminal record, I've never been on welfare and like many other folks I know; I work, I pay my taxes on time and I'm not insane.

If I choose to toke privately in my home, especially, after a day at work, that's my business.

I shouldn't have worry about being prosecuted by the government for smokin' weed in my own home.

Putting someone in jail for having a joint is a total waste of time, money and legal resources.

That's time, money and legal resources that could be put to better use such as going after violent felons, people who engage in smuggling, manufacturing, buying, selling, transporting, distributing dangerous drugs such as crystal meth, black tar heroin and crack cocaine.

Being caught with a joint or small amount or weed should not result in a going to jail and a criminal record.

The government complains they want to make money, well here's their golden opportunity to make that extra cash. Tax it and regulate it like tobacco.

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