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Dr. Randy S. Risner, SavannahDr. Randy S. Risner, Savannah
Dr. Randy S. Risner, Savannah

What we as enlightened people must do, is to strangle the Government and the Corporations that run our Government by cutting off their ability to control us. We must start by eliminating our debt by any means necessary. Just simply walk away from all your debt. What are they going to do? Send you to collections? So what. And please don't ask about your credit score. Really. Also stop paying taxes. We've seen what happens they run out of money. They sequester employees. Well would you go chase someone who "owed money to the Government" if you weren't getting paid? We the hard working people, the backbone of this great nation have the power. We need the courage to do what we have to in order to save our future.

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