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Frank, Tacoma

To E. Archer above. Is it immoral to punch you in the nose for your remarks? If yes, what is your authority? Or is it just your belief and opinion? If not from the "religious texts" (thus ultimately from God), where do you even get a notion of morality, absolute right and wrong? If not the Bible's dogmatic TRUTH that your being assaulted is immoral, you have no more footing than the deer who was just mugged by a cougar. One of the main reasons we don't have a society of nose-punchers is because the preachers take the guff folks like you hand out, and they go on teaching what is right and good anyway. They tell the drunks and addicts they are wrong and they cite their "religious text," as they feed and house them and bring them back from near-death. Why do you only parade the Jim Jones, the "lunatics and mass murderers" who misuse "religious texts"? The motive I normally find behind such comments as yours is intellectual laziness; that because disunity of religious thought exists, it must be because truth can't be found and therefore why should I bother to try? I don't know if this is your case, but your comment smacks of it, and tastes like a big dose of juvenile flippancy.

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