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J. Crittenden, TahlequahJ. Crittenden, Tahlequah
J. Crittenden, Tahlequah

Government assures each day a sector of the populations' quality just as oxygen is to life. The rules that govern the rights of one effect all others. If we do not have persons of integrity who realize the importance of studying and developing well designed laws that promote and protect quality then quality diminishes because of another idiot in the political arena. Today we have more self serving fascists within our government than ever before and it is but a few that hold together the intent of what our forefathers so diligently designed. Today Native Americans are still fighting for the liberties and freedoms Americans take for granted. The governmental design within many tribes are prior to where America was two hundred years ago. The relationship tribal governments have to America has had little change in two hundred years.The appeasment by more money is all that is different.

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