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Jennie Walsh, EmigrantJennie Walsh, Emigrant
Jennie Walsh, Emigrant

Government can be very dangerous, especially when the people who are supposed to BE the government are misinformed and manipulated by power hungry megalomaniacs who own and run the mainstream media and the governmental educational system and who intend to own and control everyone and everything on the planet. The big vulnerability to danger, I feel, is the opportunity that evil and corrupt individuals have of being elected and appointed to positions of power and authority. It is, on this earth, a CONSTANT BATTLE of good and evil. Freedom is hard won and hard to maintain. Currently, judging by congressional voting records, there are quite a number (likely a majority) of evil, corrupt, greedy, immoral, dishonorable, treasonous individuals who, most likely, attained their political status and positions through bribery, organized crime, murder of anyone who would get in their way, lies and general deceit and treachery. These organized criminals call themselves, secretly, "Satan Worshippers" and the only rules they have is "don't get caught, don't arouse any suspicion about what you have done or what you are up to and don't expose anyone else in the black brotherhood." The ones who are higher up in the hierarchy of power have no problem with murdering anyone lower down in authority in the "Kingdom of Satan" if the lower member(s) should cause any disturbance. They operate very much like the mafia, and are very adept at covering their tracks because they have excellent technology working for them in the form of satellite surveillance and remote viewers which can see through anything. In other words, they know when the "coast is clear". This technology can even tell them when someone that they are watching has pain or nausea, fear, love, anger, jealousy, even an itch. This technology is also being perfected in mind reading. As of right now, they can tell what subject you are thinking about and analyze your emotions associated with that subject, but access to the exact words you are thinking is not perfected at this time. Socialism/communism is a tool in their evil plots and schemes to own and control everyone and everything on the planet. How do you think the super-rich, so-called "power-elite" got so rich? By controlling and manipulating the economies of the world by the illegal, criminal central banking organizations like the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service. Also by being the MANIPULATORS AND THIEVES AT THE TOP of the socialist/communist systems who are CONTROLLING THE WEALTH AND THEREBY CONTROLLING THE PEOPLE. Their skillfull murder techniques make the murder look like "natural causes" or "accidents" so as not to arouse any suspicion. They have secret laboratories where they create and store bacteria, viruses, parasites, poisons. They are able to give an unsuspecting victim cancer of all kinds, meningitis, Hodgkins Disease, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, bubonic plague, strokes, tapeworms, flukes, and many kinds of parasites that are hard to even imagine. I won't go into any horror stories about this, they can be quite gruesome. Their members who are doctors, coronors, undertakers and police investigators assist in covering up any slip ups in technique that might arouse any suspicion. As I already stated, they have no limit to their evil--just don't get caught. They have infiltrated every government in the world, at every level; local, municipal, county, state and national. They have infiltrated most families, even the best. There are MANY unsuspecting husbands and wives that have no clue that they are married to a member of the Kingdom of Satan. They look and act like any ordinary person. Many are very helpful, considerate, well-mannered, generous and kind in their outer behaviour. Many parents have no inkling that their son(s) and daughter(s) are members of the Satanic Kingdom. The Satan worshippers seem to prey especially upon teen-agers and young adults who are rebellious against parental authority and are easy to deceive into participating in evil practices and into joining up with the organization. They offer the advantage of legal protection through corrupt judges, lawyers, prosecutors and juries. They also offer monetary gain in their protected criminal activities such as drugs, kidnapping, prostitution, pornography. They will assign a boy or a girl to seduce another teenager/young adult. Also, they will assign a man or woman to seduce another individual. They put pornography and gambling on the internet so that they can have an excuse to "regulate" the internet and destroy freedom of speech and the press. They perpetrate acts of violence so that they can have an excuse to confiscate guns from those who just want to protect themselves and their families from the criminals. They do whatever they can to stir up hatred, violence and war, pitting nations against nations, religious groups against religious groups, cultures against cultures, races against races and generally create whatever trouble and problems they can stir up that will be to their advantage in selling the "solution" to the problem or the armaments for the war. Literally, there is no limit to their deceit, evil and treachery. I realize that many people would have a hard time believing this but it is TRUE! They have gained much power and control over education, religious organizations and churches and seminaries, businesses, corporations, transportation, communications, colleges, universities, governments throughout the world. You will find them preaching from pulpits, acting as judges at every level of government, running companies as CEOs, presidents and board members, manipulating the stock market. They are acting in most positions of power, ownership, authority, leadership and influence because they have usurped those positions by criminal undercover means. I could continue on but most likely by now you are getting the picture. BEWARE OF WOLVES IN SHEEPS' CLOTHING AND PRAY FOR CONSTANT GOD- PROTECTION FOR YOURSELVES, YOUR FAMILIES, YOUR HOMES, YOUR NATION, EVEN YOUR PLANET. THESE ARE TIMES THAT TEST AND TRY MEN'S SOULS. I must also tell you that the Satanists don't neglect infiltrating Christian and New Age groups and activities and Patriot groups, activities and news media. PRAY FOR GOD-DISCERNMENT that you will recogize them and know how to deal with them as they create challenges and obstacles for you to overcome.

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