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Lee Poteet, Stroud, OKLee Poteet, Stroud, OK
Lee Poteet, Stroud, OK

Who is sleeping and just what have you been smoking, Waffler? Madison's words are truer today that when written. The major cause of our economy's current malaise is that those with the capital to create new jobs and new industries cannot trust Obama and Company who have already done too much to destroy and create the current crisis. And at the moment it looks as if it can do naught but get worse. For those of us who hope to survive until we have a chance to vote the Kenyan and friends out need to practice two things: buy local and bank local, because the leftist/liberals/progressives are going to steal everything they can lay hands upon. Real work, the sort that most of us do to make a living, is beneath them.

Lee Poteet, Stroud, OK

The Constitution was intended to mean exactly what it says and no more nor no less in English that all could understand. Our present problem is that we have federal judges who are functionally illiterate whether from socialist perversity or honest ignorance who believe that it is their job to interpret the Constitution in a manner that is plainly dishonest and makes government by the consent of the governed impossible. It is our job to persuade our legislatures to the impeachment and trial of such judges that we may continue a government "of the people, by the people and for the people" instead of an oligarchy of graduates of Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

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