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Marc, Green, OhioMarc, Green, Ohio
Marc, Green, Ohio

Nowhere does this quote say there is no need for a progressive tax system, or for deficit spending, or for passing laws that address individual or corporate inequalities, unfair behavior or actions. It does strongly suggest in a free society, when we attempt man-made solutions for solving our problems that we exercise first great self-discipline and personal responsibility, and that we don't allow our efforts to have a more just society push us to the extremes at the expense of making responsible behavior punished to help those who have been irresponsible.. If we do we will suffer. This quote above is similar to Proverbs in the Bible. It provides helpful insights and some cute axioms or sayings which expresses a truth, and is based on common sense or "the practical experience of humanity." They are not principles guaranteed to work the same in every instance, but that does not mean these words are not worthy of inculcation in our lives. If you test the truths in this quote long enough you will find it can bring more blessings into your lives. There are great truths in this quote and no one can ever convince me any differently. If more people heeded these words of wisdom we would have a significantly better society.

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