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Ray, Belding, MIRay, Belding, MI
Ray, Belding, MI

We have always had takers and givers in society. Without government intervention our communities functioned just fine and for the most part took care of the TRULY needy. Even the poorest able bodied individuals knew that if they did not do something they would have nothing. Fast forward, in steps the politician who for hes/her own narcissistic gratification makes it easy for the ABLE BODIED poor to sit back and do nothing. The result is that our government has grown the pool of takers and manipulated them by telling them that it is their RIGHT be GIVEN a livelyhood. At the same time that same government attacks the givers by painting them as evil money hording elitiest who will not share. Since the evil money horders will not share we will take it from them in the name of the greater good of society, thus the justification for unbelievable tax increases. Think about this......what happens when the government has destroyed the pool of givers and all of their "loyal" constituants are their dependents. How long can a society of takers exist?

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