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Rebecca, Smithville, TexasRebecca, Smithville, Texas
Rebecca, Smithville, Texas

DM, Jack and supporters have it wrong. This should be taught in our schools. In this country we are free to get a good education and become whatever we want, at least for now. Those who call themselves the champions of the poor and down trodden are really just the new age slave masters. They need to keep people down so they can be elitists. Communism does not work in this world. So far, every time it has been tried it only ends up as a class system, with those in charge living the highlife on the backs of the majority. These new slave masters have been doing an excellent job, keeping people down. First, they attacked the school system; dumbed down the system because “Johnny couldn’t read.” It is easier to enslave the masses if you do not allow them a good education. Then when Johnny could not get a job, they gave him money. He was never given enough to get ahead, just enough to get by, so that he wanted more for nothing. Now they had him, and the millions of others denied an education. Therefore, year after year they said, “elect me and I will get you more free money”, poor Johnny he does not even realize who his enemy is. I cannot tell if DM and Jack are Johnnies just spouting party line or if they are hopeful elitists. Either way this is a 5 star quote.

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